Otago University silent on Undie 500 discipline

Seventeen Dunedin students have already received convictions for their part in this year's Undie 500 weekend disorder, but the University of Otago is refusing to say if it has disciplined anyone.

The university also refused to confirm a report this week that at least one student had been suspended for a term for his actions that weekend, saying it would not discuss individual cases.

It also declined to reveal how many people it had sanctioned, or what those sanctions were, while disciplinary processes were under way.

The vice-chancellor would provide a summary of all the cases the university had dealt with during the year to the first University Council meeting next year, registrar Jan Flood said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the police and the courts continue to show little leniency to those arrested between September 11 and 13.

The student reportedly suspended from the university was not one of 65 people who faced charges in the District Court following the weekend in which mass disorder reigned in Castle St over two nights following the arrival of the Undie 500 in the city.

Twenty-four people are still to be dealt with by the courts.

As promised, police have opposed diversion in all cases relating to the Undie 500 weekend, although eight people have had charges withdrawn due to a lack of evidence.

All of those dealt with so far have pleaded guilty.

Three students who applied in the Dunedin District Court for a discharge without conviction had their applications rejected.

Out of the 33 already dealt with, only two, a pair of Christchurch students whose cases were heard in the Christchurch District Court, have been discharged without conviction.

Most of those convicted have been ordered to pay a fine and/or carry out a sentence of community work.

The harshest penalty remains a $1000 fine for an unemployed 41-year-old Dunedin man for breaching the Dunedin City Council liquor ban.

Two male students received $750 fines, one for disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence, the other for breaching the liquor ban.

Those breaching the liquor ban have mostly been fined about $500 if they appeared in the Dunedin District Court and $250 if they appeared in the Christchurch District Court.


So far
- 65 people charged after Undie 500 weekend
- 8 had charges withdrawn
- 31 convicted (17 Dunedin students, 2 Christchurch students, 2 Telford students and 10 others)
- 2 discharged without conviction
- 24 still to be dealt with

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