Permanent site for South D hub found

The council hopes the first stage of the facility on the corner of King Edward St and Macandrew...
The council hopes the first stage of the facility on the corner of King Edward St and Macandrew Rd will open in 2021. Photo: Google Maps
A permanent site for the South Dunedin community hub has been found.
The Dunedin City Council has bought a site at the corner of King Edward St and Macandrew Rd for $4.7 million.

The 4581sq m site will house a permanent library and community complex.

Council community services general manager Simon Pickford said today though it had taken some time to find an appropriate site, the property had many advantages.

"It is a large site in a central location, it's close to bus services, the buildings have already been earthquake-strengthened and there is plenty of room for car parking.''

The buildings occupied by tenants Veggie Boys and Para Rubber have been identified as the preferred location for the complex, and the intention was to develop those buildings to house the complex, he said.

There were seven other existing tenants at the site which were expected to remain as the full site was not needed for the hub.

A start date for construction would depend on negotiations with tenants, but it was hoped work would begin before the end of this year, he said.

The council hoped the first stage of the facility would open in 2021.

A temporary community hub has been operating at the Cargill Enterprises building since 2017, and the council was negotiating an extension to the lease so it could stay open as long as possible.

Mr Pickford said the next step would be to produce a concept design for the library and community complex, and the council would continue to talk to the community about the project over coming months.

There was already funding of $5.25 million in the 10-year plan and the council would discuss further funding for the development of the site as the project progresses, he said.

"In terms of what will be housed in the new complex, residents have previously said they would like a community space with things like a library, internet access, youth hub, community meeting rooms, public toilets, a DCC service centre and a community hot desk for community service providers.

"Staff will also look at partnership opportunities."


Do we need this? We already have a library just a short bus ride away. There are enough halls around South Dunedin. And before you judge- I am from South Dunedin. The rest of the street needs an urgent redevelopment- ie pull down and rebuild- but DCC rules are in the way....facades, height limits.

I hear you but with less and less car parking in the town, Maybe Dunedin does. But with with the DCC's view on Climate change and how Dunedin will flood, why would they purchase property if that is the case, May be one department not talking to the other department. South Dunedin does need done up look at the sinking Second hand shop near Cargill corner.

I feel sorry for South Dunedin. I know it's unfair but it always feels like the butt hole of Dunedin to me. It desperately needs a cash injection but I question the wisdom of the sort of money being spent here on a community center. Surely the millions being spent now and over the next 10 years would be better spent on revitalizing the area , making it a place where people want to spend time and money. A community hub just makes you think that the place is full of unemployed poor people who can not afford to heat their homes and have an internet connection. Or they need help with their benefit handouts and a meeting place to help with their addictions. I've been homeless, and libraries are a great refuge when you have next to nothing but money spent on revitalizing the area would mean less people would need a community hub.

Such a superior, insulting comment should be treated with the disdain it deserves. The quiet fastnesses of the hills are Dead centres.