'Positive discussion' over harbourside development

Dunedin city councillor Colin Weatherall said yesterday he hoped to have a dispute between the city's business community and the council over the future of the harbourside fully resolved before the next scheduled date with the Environment Court.

On Thursday, Cr Weatherall met more than 20 businesses involved in an Environment Court appeal against the council's plan to change the zoning of the industrial area adjacent to the Steamer Basin.

A district plan change allowing the development, with apartments, bars and cafes, was approved early last year, but businesses in the area, concerned about their future if the plan went ahead, appealed.

In April, the council and businesses announced an agreement had been signed, days before a court hearing, with the council agreeing to dump some of its plan.

The council would continue to confer with affected businesses to confirm objectives, policies and rules for the rest of the harbourside zoning.

Cr Weatherall said there had been "positive discussion" with the businesses on Thursday.

The process was to get the remaining issues on the table, and find solutions to them.

The council and businesses were to report back to the Environment Court in November, but Cr Weatherall said he hoped to be able to do so before then.


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