Refunds for some Six60 ticket-buyers

Frontman Matiu Walters with Six60 on stage at Forsyth Barr Stadium. Photo: Craig Baxter
Frontman Matiu Walters with Six60 on stage at Forsyth Barr Stadium. Photo: Craig Baxter
At least some of the hundreds of concertgoers refused entry to the Six60 concert in Dunedin on Saturday night will receive refunds, after it was found their tickets were originally bought using stolen credit cards.

About 200 ticket-holders were refused entry to the concert at Forsyth Barr Stadium when they tried to enter using fraudulent tickets.

Eccles Entertainment promoter Dave Munro believed the vast majority of the fake tickets presented were obtained from controversial reselling website Viagogo.

In a statement yesterday, Viagogo said it had been made aware of events in Australia and New Zealand, including Saturday's concert, where stolen credit cards were used to buy tickets which were resold on various websites, including its own.

It had refunded 28 Six60 customers for cancelled tickets.

There was no incentive for people to sell fraudulent tickets through Viagogo as it did not pay a seller until a buyer successfully attended an event, the company said.

Its guarantee provided customers with financial protection if tickets sold were fraudulent, it said.

All those who bought tickets through the website would be contacted, although most customers gained access without any issue, the statement said.

Last month, the Commerce Commission unsuccessfully sought an injunction against Viagogo for allegedly making false representations to customers. Justice Patricia Courtney ruled she had no jurisdiction to hear the application because the commission had not formally served its case on Viagogo in Switzerland, where the company is based.

The Government has announced it will take measures to prevent ticket scalping in New Zealand.

- Additional reporting by NZME

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