RWC train schedule

Taieri Gorge Railway yesterday announced its 2011 Rugby World Cup train schedule.

Trains will make return trips from Mosgiel and Waitati to Dunedin Railway Station on match days.

Up to 200 passengers will be accommodated on each train and return tickets will cost $20.

Bookings can be made at the Taieri Gorge Railway booking office or the Dunedin Visitor Centre.

The timetable is. -

Sunday, September 18, and Saturday, September 24.

North: Departs Waitati 3.15pm, arrives Dunedin 4.05pm; departs Dunedin 9.30pm, arrives Waitati 10.20pm. South: Departs Mosgiel 3.30pm, arrives Dunedin 4pm; departs Dunedin 9.30pm, arrives Mosgiel 10pm.

Saturday, September 10, and Sunday, October 2.

North: Departs Waitati 5.40pm, arrives Dunedin 6.30pm; departs Dunedin 11.30pm, arrives Waitati 12.20am. South: Departs Mosgiel 6.05pm, arrives Dunedin 6.35pm; departs Dunedin 11.30pm, arrives Mosgiel midnight.


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