Queen's High School senior prizes

Maxine Shanks, <b>Co-dux</b>
Maxine Shanks, <b>Co-dux</b>
Queen's High School held its senior prizegiving yesterday. The prize list is. -

Special awards

Jule Barth, <b>Co-dux</b>
Jule Barth, <b>Co-dux</b>
Co dux: Jule Barth, Maxine Shanks; proxime accessit: Sharmaine Sreedhar; head girl: Serena Mather; Deputy Head Girl: Marianna Faavae; Best All Round Girl: Maxine Shanks; Best All Round Sportswoman: Serena Mather & Maxine Shanks; Queen's High ex girls & friends scholarship: Samban Sok, Stephanie O'Brien; Otago Polytechnic Principals Scholarship: Sulieti Ikahihifo; Otago University Leadership Award: Maxine Shanks; Victoria University Leadership award and Auckland University Jubilee award: Jule Barth; Otago University Maori and Pacific Island Entrance Scholarship: Serena Vaitupu; making a difference award: Amanda Mackay; Public Speaking Trophy: Serena Mather.

Service awards

Art & design: Laura Sutherland; arts prefect: Beth Goulstone; board of trustees and service to school: Erin Batchelor; drama: Jule Barth; environment group & conservation cup: Jule Barth; He Puna Korero - excellence in development of Kaupapa Maori: Kassidy Rae Fredericks; Honore mo nga tuakana contribution and leadership in Maori within school: Kimberlee McLay; interact: Erin Batchelor, Amanda Mackay, Maxine Shanks; interact & volunteer group: Jule Barth; Maori students: Missy Hosking; music: Beth Goulstone & Sharmaine Sreedhar; Pacific Island students: Mariana Fa'avae, Sulieti Ikahihifo, Serena Vaitapu; professional foods: Chanelle Carter; school magazine: Sam Hobson; school production: Stephanie O'Brien; school sport and school houses: Amanda Mackay; stage challenge & the arts; Toni Thomas; stage challenge: Ashleigh Aberhama, Alexandria Derrett, Tessa McNaught; visual arts: Samban Sok; music: Sharmaine Sreedhar.

Academic awards

Year 13

Jule Barth (prizes English, mathematics with statistics, drama, classics, excellence French); Erin Batchelor (excellence mathematics with statistics); Scott Blackwell (excellence professional foods); Amelia Bowden-Turner (prize German); Rachel Brown (prizes media studies, excellence geography, classics, merit mathematics with statistics); Emma Cameron (excellence graphics, merit English skills, physical education); Chanelle Carter (prize professional foods, excellence gateway); Alyssa Carty (prize mathematics with application); Morgan Cotton (merit English); Laura Dixon (merit tourism); Ashleigh Dunford (diligence physics); Karlina Dvorackova (excellence German); Rebecca Fordham (merit digital technologies); Chantelle Fuka (merit dance); Beth Goulstone (prize English, French, history, merit mathematics with calculus, trophies history, music performance, senior French); Amy Gray (excellence literacy, SPEC, merit numeracy); Halina Gray (excellence child development III, digital technologies); Frances Hooper (excellence physical education, merit mathematics with statistics); Ruby Jones (prize art painting, merit photography); Afsono Khatoon (merit English skills); Renata Krizsan (diligence history); Merlissa Leslie (excellence graphics, merit photography); Nina Mannschott (prizes photography, German, media studies, merit mathematics with statistics, geography); Eve McCoy (excellence learning support shopping and cooking, usable art); Amy McCarthy (trophy drama); Amy McDonald (merit gateway); Antoinette McIntosh (excellence physical education); Amanda Mackay (diligence graphics); Larissa McKechie (merit dance); Shannen McLaren (prize digital technologies); Kimberlee McLay (merit physical and outdoor education); Tessa McNaught (merit art painting); Jillian Mirandilla (excellence mathematics with calculus, physics, merit English skills); Stephanie O'Brien (excellence tourism); Naomi Peacock (excellence history, media studies); Hebe Robinson (excellence classics, merit graphics); Anna Rose (merit learning support shopping and cooking); Charlene Savage (prize tourism, excellence digital technologies); Maxine Shanks (prizes mathematics with statistics, mathematics with calculus, chemistry, physics, excellence English, trophies Yr13 mathematics, Yr13 chemistry, physics); Meliana Smith (excellence learning support life skills); Samban Sok (merit English, biology, physics ); Sharmaine Sreedhar (prizes music, mathematics with calculus, biology, excellence chemistry, physics, classics, trophies music, music performance, biology) Courtney Stephens (diligence drama); Nikita Stevenson (excellence English, classics); Maeghan Te Waiti (excellence tourism, geography); Toni Thomas (excellence dance, drama, trophy Drama); Autimn Tosh (merit English); Serena Vaitupu (merit history); Deryn Wells (prize geography, excellence art painting); Alysha Wilson (prizes physical education, graphics, excellence English, trophy physical education ); Siyu (Jessie) Wu (prize drama, excellence biology, merit English, mathematics with statistics, chemistry, classics); Deng Jie (Alison) Zhao (merit English skills, chemistry).

Year 12

Overall academic excellence (outstanding achievement in four or more subjects):

Gemma Baldock (prizes fabric technology, art, excellence English, chemistry, merit mathematics); Rachel Curzon (excellence geography, history, mathematics, English, merit biology); Madison Hamill (prize music, English, excellence mathematics, biology, drama , chemistry); Jessie Manning (prizes biology, history, physics, excellence English, mathematics, merit graphics); Tessa Sullivan (prizes mathematics, chemistry, special prize Yr12 mathematics, science, excellence biology, music, English, Japanese NCEA L3);Laura Sutherland (excellence food and nutrition, graphics, art, merit English); Sarah White (trophy most improved academic performance in year 12, year 12 speech cup, prizes English, mathematics, physical education, geography, excellence history, special prize Yr12 English).

Academic awards:

Mona Aden (prize drama, excellence English); Olivia Atley (excellence English skills); Lorena Benz (excellence physical & outdoor education, diligence art, dance, photography); Tegan Booth (excellence learning support music, numeracy, merit life skills); Georga Bremner (excellence child development II, photography, digital technologies, merit tourism); Anneka Bylsma (diligence physics, physical education); Melinda Clough (excellence child development I & II, trophy for text entry); Casey Clydesdale(prize tourism); Erin Corry (excellence mathematical methods, tourism); Charlotte Cross (excellence practical mathematics, clothing textiles); Courtney Cummings (excellence child development III); Kelly-Ann Davis (child development I & II); Ferne Eagle (prize mathematical methods, merit English,art); Ranui Ellison (prize economics, young enterprise regional prize winner, merit English ,trophies for enterprise); Shannon Eustace(merit English); Violet Farrell (excellence physical education, merit geography); Mahalia Finnie (merit physical education, dance); Tamara Graves (prize animal care, excellence mathematical methods); Joanna Harwood (excellence cafe cuisine); Samantha Hawea (merit hairdressing); Aidan Hogg (excellence English, merit history); Sarah Jenner (prize science skills); Nadia Jennings (NCEA level 1 Maori); Afsona Khatoon (merit English skills); Samara Kelly-Willcocks (diligence physical education ); Maegan Koedyk (merit child development II, equine studies); Jessica Laidler (prize English skills, excellence practical mathematics); Reba Lee (prize food technology, digital technologies); Laine Lipine (excellence photography, merit Poutama mathematics, Poutama foods, Poutama community service); Bryleigh MacLeod (prize cafe cuisine); Christine Malit(excellence food technology, digital technologies); Ashleigh McCorkindale (merit photography); Fenella McGrannachan (excellence drama, digital technologies); Juliet McLachlan(merit drama, photography); Tessa Milne (prize graphics, excellence art, physics); Sarah Morrison (excellence English); Ayaka Nishihara (excellence Japanese);Mai Nishitsuji(diligence ESOL); Brodie Orlowski (merit hairdressing); Promise Osam (merit mathematics, chemistry); Koriana Osborne (prize equine studies);Nikita Palmer (merit physical education ); Nicole Pilgrim (excellence tourism, photography); Sarah Pye (merit English); Andrea Short (prize practical mathematics, photography, merit digital technologies); Libby Sinclair (prize business, law and finance); Sarah Taylor (prize food and nutrition); Natyler-Jae Tumaru (excellence digital technologies); Maya Turner (excellence mathematics); Jordan West (prize French); Telesha Wilkinson (excellence cafe cuisine); Wenhua (Amy) Wu (merit dance).

Year 11

Overall academic excellence (outstanding achievement in four or more subjects):

Libby Atkinson (prizes drama, excellence English, mathematics, science, economics); Adelaide Chuma (excellence English, mathematics, French, science, merit music, history); Emily Gordon (prizes English, music, mathematics, French, science, excellence history); Leah Knauf (prizes art, digital technologies, excellence food and nutrition, English, trophy yr11 food and nutrition); Tessa Lunam (prize physical education, excellence art, mathematics, science); Tarea Scott-Fyfe (prizes English, history, science, excellence mathematics, drama, Maori); Stephie Tay (prizes mathematics, geography, economics, excellence English, history, science).

Academic awards:

Kiave Areito (excellence practical mathematics); Christine Ashley (prize practical mathematics); Marcelle Balchin (excellence geography, merit English, science); Lydia Bernard (excellence music, merit English, French); Ivy Binner (merit physical education); Nadia Burra (excellence English); Jaimee Caffell (merit science skills, youth incentive programme); Hayley Cameron (merit learning support music); Katelyn Cameron-Tohiariki (excellence child development I, merit youth incentive programme); Nikita Cleaver (excellence physical education); Zhaquel Cockburn (diligence Japanese); Sarah Cross (merit child development I); Codie Dunlop (merit child development I); Rebekah Fox (merit mathematics, science); Krystal Fraser-Wiparata (prize Maori); Sophia Gamperle (merit English ); Ashley Grigg (merit digital technologies, economics, trophy year 11 speech); Shanika Haley (prize English, merit mathematics, useable art ); Charmaine Hansen-Riley (merit science skills); Jessica Harbrow (merit food and nutrition); Robyn Harkness (prize graphics, excellence mathematics, science); India Hawke (excellence mathematics, merit English, art); Amy Hickling (merit music); Sophie Hiku-Piho (excellence fabric technology, merit mathematics, science, drama, trophy year 11 speech); Samantha Hobson (prize English skills, excellence digital technologies); Nicole Jones (diligence English); Esther Kelly (excellence food and nutrition, merit English, science); Samantha Keogh (merit physical education ); Claudia Kettink (diligence science skills, physical and outdoor education); Stacey Ann King (merit physical and outdoor education ); Amelia Loader (prize digital technologies module); Hannah Lome (merit food and nutrition); Helen Maelega (merit English skills); Eilish Mamanu-Gray (excellence physical education); Amy McShain (excellence English skills, merit business, law and finance); Shilpa Morgan (merit mathematics); Kim Mulder (excellence graphics, drama, science, diligence across all subjects); Caitlin Olsen (diligence English); Lesina Perez (diligence Mfori); Chantelle Pese (excellence practical mathematics, ,merit dance); Eliza Pickard (excellence English); Kororia Pritchard (excellence physical education); Vanessa Quin (merit drama, science skills); Keisha Rota (merit gateway);Tayla Sloot (merit literacy, SPEC); Vanessa Srey (prize Japanese, useable art, excellence fabric technology); Tasha Taane (merit graphics); S'Vania Te Moananui(excellence Mfori); Su Dali Than (German NCEA Level 2); Ayesha Verma (excellence child development l); Ellen Wilson (excellence graphics, merit physical education).

Sports, cultural awards

Best all round sportswomen, Serena Mather & Maxine Shanks; student service to sport, Sarah Taylor; service to sport, Amanda Mackay; highest achievement at national level, Ripeka Te Moananui (darts); other finalists: Samanatha McAuley (athletics); Christina Ashton (athletics and aerobics).

Aerobics: Senior Lydia Bernard; junior Christina Ashton.

Athletes with disabilities: Sarina Hicks.

Athletics: Intermediate champion Eliza Pickard; junior champion Samantha McAuley; senior champion Maxine Shanks; U16 champion Steffi McAuley; highest achievement Samantha McAuley.

Badminton: Most improved player Alice Dooley.

Basketball: Senior Serena Mather; junior Michala Halford-Feron; outstanding contribution Francie Hooper.

Cross-country: Junior champion Christina Ashton; intermediate champion Marcia Bylsma; senior champion Maxine Shanks.

Cultural: Te Kimi Matauranga Johnal Clarke.

Dance: School champion Chantelle Fuka.

Equestrian: Riding excellence Aleisha Blackley.

Hockey: Most improved player Ellen Wilson; senior hockey Brooke Flannery.

Ice hockey: most valued player Nikita Stevenson.

Netball: Fair play award Aidan Hogg; most improved senior Paige Lang; most improved intermediate A Kirra Kater; most improved junior A Grace McIntyre; excellence year 9 Sophia Craig; excellence year 10 Tayla McLay; most valuable contribution Francie Hooper.

Orienteering: Most improved Maxine Shanks.

Rowing: Most improved Sarah Taylor; rower of the year Gemma Baldock, Tessa Lunam; most valued rowing club member Calypso Goldsmith.

Soccer: Most improved Maya Turner; player of year Victoria de Filippi.

Swimming: Junior champion Jessica White; senior champion Gabrielle Scott.

Tennis: Most improved Brittany White; tennis cup Jacqueline Edie.

Touch: Serena Mather.

Violin: Sharmaine Sreedhar.

Volleyball: Excellence junior volleyball Pauline Seuea; most improved Emma Cameron; excellence senior volleyball Amanda Mackay.

Music, drama, cultural blues

Chamber music: Emily Gordon, Madison Hamill, Sharmaine Sreedhar; drama: Jule Barth, Amy McCarthy, Toni Thomas; jazz band: Erin Batchelor, Sharmaine Sreedhar; kapa haka: Johnal Clarke, Kassidy-Rae Fredericks, Missy Hosking, Nadia Jennings, Kim McLay, Blaize Te Moananui; madrigals: Beth Goulstone; orchestra: Sharmaine Sreedhar; Queens of the Pacific: Mariana Fa'avae, Sulieti Ikahihifo, Alex Vaitapu, Serena Vaitapu; rock band: Beth Goulstone.

Sports blues

Aerobics: Lydia Bernard, Vyenna Pearcy, Makayla Spiers, Emily White; athletics: Sam McAuley; basketball: Emma Cameron, Brooke Flannery, Francie Hooper, Serena Mather, Maxine Shanks; hip hop: Chantelle Fuka, Serena Mather; hockey: Chanelle Carter, Rebecca Favel, Brooke Flannery, Antoinette McIntosh, Kate Robertson; netball: Francie Hooper, Paige Lang, Serena Mather, Maxine Shanks; orienteering: Erin Batchelor; rowing: Calypso Goldsmith; soccer: Victoria de Filippi, Samban Sok; touch: Brooke Flannery, Serena Mather, Serena Vaitapu; volleyball: Emma Cameron, Mariana Fa'avae, Chantelle Fuka, Francie Hooper, Paige Lang, Amanda Mackay, Serena Mather, Serena Vaitapu.

Cultural merit awards

Arts production: Lydia Bernard, Alex Derritt, Emily Gordon, Beth Goulstone, Sharmaine Sreedhar; chamber music: Beth Goulstone, Serena Mather, Joy Minnaar, Maxine Shanks; choir: Lydia Bernard, Emily Gordon, Beth Goulstone, Sharmaine Sreedhar; drama: Alyssa Carty, Naomi Peacock, Courtney Stephens, Jessie Wu; Jazz Band: Lydia Bernard, Emily Gordon, Beth Goulstone, Serena Mather, Joy Minnaar, Stephie Tay; Kapa Haka: Ranui Ellison, Leilani Hosking, Taryn Lome, Tayla McLay; madrigals: Lydia Bernard, Erin Corry, Emily Gordon, Sharmaine Sreedhar, Toni Thomas; musical: Lydia Bernard, Adelaide Chuma, Emily Gordon, Beth Goulstone, Madison Hamill, Serena Mather, Stephanie O'Brien, Sharmaine Sreedhar, Stephie Tay; orchestra: Beth Goulstone; Queens of the Pacific: Chantelle Fuka, Shanika Haley, Sophie Hiku-Piho, Grace Patu, Lesina Perez, Pauline Seuea, Chantelle Pese, Darcel Pese, Sam Tafao; rock band: Merlissa Leslie; stage challenge: Ashleigh Aberahama, Erin Batchelor, Amanda Mackay,Tessa McNaught, Maxine Shanks, Toni Thomas; wearable arts: Juliet McLachlan, Nikita Palmer, Samban Sok, Laura Sutherland.

Sports merit awards

Aerobics: Courtney Cummings; Athletics: Kennedy Barnes, Cassidi Woodhouse, Maxine Shanks; Badminton: Samban Sok; Basketball: Amanda Mackay, Alysha Wilson; Equestrian: Aleisha Blackley, Koriana Osborne; Futsal: Samara Kelly-Willcock, Maya Turner; Hockey: Ashleigh Aberahama, Emily Gordon; Ice Hockey: Nikita Stevenson; Netball: Marianna Fa'avae, Serena Vaitupu; Rowing: Gemma Baldock, Emily Gordon, Tessa Lunam, Jessie Manning, Sarah Taylor; Soccer: Erin Batchelor, Tessa McNaught, Nina Mannscott; Touch: Emma Cameron; Volleyball: Jess Tuxford.

Outstanding achievement awards

Aerobics: Christina Ashton, Cody Dunlop, Madalyn Fox, Tyla Macleod, Steffi McAuley, Mai Nishitsuji, Kerry Remon, Alannah Taggart; Athletics: Christina Ashton; Boxing: Siraya Wilson; Darts: Ripeka Te Moananui, S'Vania Te Moananui; Nga Manu Korero: Johnal Clarke; Netball Umpiring: Serena Mather; Motocross: Brittany White; Orchestra: Emily Gordon, Sharmaine Sreedhar; Orienteering: Maxine Shanks; Rhythmic Gymnastics: Fenella McGrannachan, Sarah Morrison; Rock Band: Erin Batchelor, Marianna Fa'avae, Chantelle Fuka, Maxine Shanks, Sharmaine Sreedhar; Singing: Beth Goulstone; Soccer Coaching: Samara Kelly-Willcock; Softball: Lia Crosland; Surf Life Saving: Kate Robertson, Gabrielle Scott; Tap Dancing: Toni Thomas; Waterpolo: Jessica White.




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