St Kevin’s College junior prizes

Junior prize list for St Kevin's College

Class prizes

Year 9

9S: Alyssa Colina, English; Jessie Kelland, science, diligence award; Annie Metcalfe, mathematics, religious studies; Hyrum Kaufana, physical education, music, material technology, diligence award; Lewis Weatherly, social studies; Niveek Wilson, drama, art; Sarah Jones, music; Millie Coutts, design and visual communication; Ellen Swanson, diligence award.

9K: Bethan Ardouin, English, science, religious studies, drama, music, art; Carl Alegado, mathematics; Max Yanzick, physical education; Maria Wallace, social studies, diligence award; Brooke Te Maiharoa, design and visual communication, art, diligence award; Eliza Baster, art, diligence award; Paige Powell, material technology; Brooke McHoull, diligence award; Georgia Sanderson, diligence award.

9C: Penny Keeling, English, science, social studies; Jose Bucane, mathematics; Hannah Bond, religious studies; Marshall Palmer, physical education, diligence award; Clark Ewing, drama; Jayden Hetet-Morris, music; Katana Cropley, art; Alexander Houston, art, materials technology; Nina Dickie, design and visual communication, diligence; Scarlett Smith, diligence award; Destiny Jabagat, diligence award; Madeleine Neal, diligence award, Christian Baillie, diligence award.

9T: Kazsandra Cuaresma, English, religious studies; Lucila Mino Zubiri, science; Rebecca Kinney, mathematics, drama, diligence award; Ben Cullimore, physical education; Abigail Jenkinson, social studies, art, diligence award; Jaimee Trainor, music; Emily McCoy, design and visual communication, diligence award; Laura Mather, material technology.

Year 10

10S: Lucy Hellewell, English, diligence award; Josh Gibson, science, social studies; Duncan Watt, mathematics, diligence award; Nicholas Plieger, religious studies; Brendan Tiffen, physical education, design and visual communication; Jharlie Blake, Cambridge English; Jonte Kydd Law, digital art, music; Amy Coutts, drama, digital technology; Tiana Mansfield, design and visual communication, material technology; Anna Taylor, diligence award.

10T: Cara Anderson, English, digital technology; Rata McMullan, science, religious studies, social studies, Cambridge mathematics; Marc Boardman, physical education; Seth Humphries, drama, financial literacy; Abbey Mabon, music, diligence award; Sophia Silva-Netto, visual art; Breidy Johnson, design and visual communication, diligence award; Ashton Stuart, design and visual communication; Henry Guerin, materials technology; Ben Sew Hoy, diligence award; Meghan Shea, diligence award.

10K: Serena OBrien, science, religious studies, mathematics, physical education, social studies, music, art; Gabrielle Stringer, digital art; Jayden Murphy, drama; Jharlie Blake, English; Tessa Blakley, diligence award; Laura OBrien, digital technology, design and visual communication, diligence award; Noelle Brew, design and visual communication, diligence award; Sophie Fox, financial literacy.

10C: Lily Hill, mathematics, art, digital technology, diligence award; Faraz Hussain, English, science, social studies; Kayleigh Gill, religious studies; Hannah Cunningham, physical education, material technology; Socrates Catapang, digital art, diligence award; Ryan Kennedy, drama, diligence award; Max Johns, music; Joel Klenner, financial literacy.

Special awards

Junior cultural female (Keep Family Cup): Bethan Ardouin. Junior cultural male (Musical Theatre Oamaru 60th Jubilee Cup): Jonte Kyyd Law. Junior sportswoman (Camellia Cup): Brylee More. Junior sportsman (Boyle Cup): Ben Cullimore. Daniel Gillies Memorial Cup for diligence and determination: Serena OBrien. SKC Plate for service to the college: Anna Taylor.

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