Lawrence Area School prizes

Academic awards

Year 9: Elliot Forbes (achievement  physical education and food and nutrition; effort  technology); Jacob Homer (effort  food and nutrition); Chaleece Kenealy (effort  mathematics); Mikayla Swanson (effort  English and science); Emma Stoddart (effort  physical education and digital technology); Shannon Sutton (achievement  mathematics, English, digital technology and science; effort  social science); Kyle Whitehead (achievement  technology and social science; achievement and effort  the arts; effort  food and nutrition); Shannon Sutton (academic award for Year 9); Kyle Whitehead (academic award for Year 9); Mikayla Swanson (Lawrence Lions Evans’ Bequest for Diligence  year 9).

Year 10: Harmony Cameron-Tuhaka  (effort  science, the arts and technology); Amy Eason (achievement  physical education, technology, the arts, digital technology and food and nutrition; effort  English and mathematics); Kalin Haywood (achievement  social science; effort  the arts); Thomas Halse (achievement  English and science; effort  food and nutrition and the arts);  Terry Heppel-Pukehiha (effort  social science); Liam Homer (effort  digital technology); Caine Ritchie (achievement  mathematics and digital technology; effort  physical education); Amy Eason (academic award for Year 10); Thomas Halse (Lawrence Lions Evans’ Bequest for Diligence  year 10).

Year 11: Bradley Benington (achievement  workshop technology; effort  agriculture); Lily Forbes (achievement  physical education and food and nutrition; effort  English and science); Anastaja Kenealy (achievement  accounting; effort  food and nutrition and mathematics); Annie McLaughlin (achievement  art); Jameisha Sheridan (achievement  business studies); Robert Sutton (achievement  mathematics, English and science); Keegan Tunnage (effort  business studies); Kane Whitehead (effort  physical education); Erika van Dam (effort  accounting); Robert Sutton (The McCarron Cup for Academic Excellence  Year 11); Lily Forbes (Lawrence Lions Evans’ Bequest for Diligence  year 11); Anastaja Kenelay (Lawrence Lions Evans’ Bequest for Diligence  year 11).

Year 12: Fletcher Benington (effort  mathematics and material technology); Joshua Eason (effort  mathematics and material technology); Fletcher Benington (George Ledlie Memorial for Diligence  Year Twelve); Joshua Eason (George Ledlie Memorial for Diligence  Year Twelve).

Year 13: Autumn Forbes (achievement and effort  mathematics, biology and English; achievement  food and nutrition); Eden Wilson (effort  English and food and nutrition);


Subject awards

Lily Forbes (Women’s’ stitute Award  effort  home economics);  Autumn Forbes (Beaumont/Tuapeka Rural Women NZ  good work  home economics); Bradley Benington (Shanks Cup  Effort and Achievement  Workshop Technology);  Keegan Tunnage (Shirley Omer-Cooper Award  Social Sciences  the Senior School); Autumn Forbes (Highland Pharmacy Lawrence Award for Achievement  Senior Academic Subject); Autumn Forbes (Excellence  Senior Biology Prize); Annie McLaughlin (Special Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts); Terry Heppel-Pukehika (Tuapeka Tecorians Year 9 & 10 Speech Trophy); Taylor Whitehead (Tuapeka Tecorians Senior Speech Trophy); Lee Samuels (Citizenship Award  year 9 and 10).


Special awards

Eden Wilson (Robertson Cup for Citizenship and tegrity); Autumn Forbes and Eden Wilson (Dittrich Cup for Outstanding participation  School Activities); Autumn Forbes (Principals Prize for Leadership); Eloise McLaughlin (Smyth Trust Award); Autumn Forbes (Lawrence Area School Dux 2016); Read (Winning House)


Sports acknowledgements

Fletcher Benington (Area Schools - Southern Rugby, Basketball and South Island Rugby); Caine Ritchie (Area Schools  Southern Football and Ki O Rahi); Chaleece Kenealy (Area Schools  Southern Netball and Ki O Rahi); Harmony Cameron-Tuhaka (Netball  South Otago U 15; Area Schools  Southern Netball, Ki O Rahi and South Island Netball); Amy Eason (Area Schools  Southern Netball, Football, Basketball, South Island Netball, Basketball, Football and New Zealand Basketball; Netball  South Otago U15); Joshua Eason (Area Schools Southern Rugby, Basketball and South Island Rugby and Basketball); Elliot Forbes (Area Schools  Southern Football and Ki O Rahi); Kyle Whitehead (Area Schools  Southern Football and Ki O Rahi); Blaize Potter (Athletics Otago); Annie McLaughlin (Area Schools Southern Football and Basketball); Kane Whitehead (Area Schools  Southern Rugbh and Basketball; Athletics  Otago); Mikayla Swanson (Athletics  Otago);


Sports awards

Chloe Heineke (Seymour Cup  Most Promising Swimmer); Alyssa May (Junior Girls Swimming Champion);  Toby Harrex (Junior Boys Swimming Champion); Rylee May (Intermediate Girls Swimming Champion); Jacob Homer  (Intermediate Boys Swimming Champion); Harmony Cameron-Tuhaka (McKinlay Cup  Senior Girls Swimming Champion); Liam Homer (Aulsebrook Cup  Senior Boys Swimming Champion); Lanie Bell (Harrex Cup Junior Girls Athletic Champion); Regan Macdonald (Harrex Cup Junior Boys Athletic Champion); Chaleece Kenealy (Intermediate Girls Athletic Champion); Kyle Whitehead (Intermediate Boys Athletic Champion); Amy Eason (Harrex Cup  Senior Girls Athletic Champion); Joshua Eason (Harrex Cup  Senior Boys Athletic Champion); Lanie Bell (Junior Girls Cross Country); Toby Harrex (Junior Boys Cross Country); Abby Bugden (S. M. Somerville Trophy for Years 7-9 Girls Cross Country); Jacob Homer (Grays Trophy for Year 7-9 Boys Cross Country); Lily Forbes (S.M. Somerville Trophy for Senior Girls Cross Country); Caine Ritchie (Soper Cup for Senior Boys Cross Country); Taylor Whitehead (Lawrence Area School Cup for Contribution to Netball); Amy Eason (Wallis Cup Best All Round Netballer); Fletcher Benington (Warhurst Trophy for Contribution to Rugby); Joshua Eason (Weatherall Trophy for Best All Round Rugby Player); Alexandra Crawford (Coaches Cup for Contribution to Cricket); Blazie Potter (Allan McGregor Memorial Trophy for Best All Round Cricketer); Joshua Eason (Most Outstanding Player  Boys Basketball); Fletcher Benington (Best Contribution to Boys Basketball); Amy Eason (Most Outstanding Player  Girls Basketball); Harmony Cameron-Tuhaka (Best Contribution to Girls Basketball); Blake Macdonald (Most Outstanding player  Touch Rugby); Kate Jopp (Best Contribution to Touch Rugby); Toby Harrex (Mahan Cup for Multi Sports Event); Caine Ritchie (Lawrence Area School Trophy for Contribution to Football); Kane Whitehead (Most outstanding claybird shooter); Autumn Forbes, Eloise McLaughlin, Eden Wilson, Taylor Whitehead, Cheyanne Robertson (Sports volunteer of the year award).

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