Global Insight: Tackling Islamophobia in Australia

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Australia might not want to go as far as New Zealand in speaking out against the rhetoric that fuelled the alleged Christchurch mosque shooter's Islamophobia, Professor Robert Patman says.

The University of Otago international relations specialist raised the question during an interview for Global Insight, on ODTtv.

Speaking about New Zealand-Australia relations following the March 15 mosque attacks, which killed 50 people and wounded a further 50 people, Prof Patman said New Zealand might now push for an international clampdown on nationalist populism but he questioned whether Australia would follow.

"The question is, how far would Australia feel comfortable in joining New Zealand in going on the front foot against nationalist populism which is generating some of this rhetoric and propaganda?'' Prof Patman said.

Many Australian politicians, while not endorsing Islamophobia, had "played with the anti-Muslim card''.

"There's going to be some hard questions now about, how can Islamophobia be tackled in Australia? Because clearly it has international consequences if it is unchecked.''

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