Child sex abuser attacked outside court

Trevor Hall, the man who sexually abused a 7-year-old girl, has been assaulted outside court.

A man wearing gang colours took it upon himself to dispense street justice, and punched Hall in the mouth as he left the Tauranga courthouse this morning.

Hall (59) was due to be sentenced in Tauranga District Court on four charges of indecent assault on child, but after hearing from the Crown prosecutor and Hall's legal counsel, Judge Peter Rollo agreed to adjourn sentencing to December 17 to allow for more medical information to be obtained.

The judge requested a further medical report from Hall's GP about his emphysema condition and his prognosis, and also sought confirmation from prison authorities they will be able to care for Hall if he was jailed.

Hall has also challenged some of the contents of the pre-sentence report and the Crown is seeking an affidavit from the report writer.

As Hall left the courthouse after Judge Rollo continued his bail, a man who the Bay of Plenty Times understands was seating in the public gallery during this morning's hearing, punched Hall in the mouth then ran off.

Police were called to the courthouse by court security, and officers were patrolling nearby streets looking for the suspect.

- Sandra Conchie of the Bay of Plenty Times

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