Stranded Air NZ passengers leaving Honolulu

An Air New Zealand flight held up in Hawaii for two nights after an aborted takeoff on Sunday will leave Honolulu this afternoon.

A faulty indication system prompted pilots to cancel flight NZ9 mid-takeoff on Sunday and two rescheduled departures were cancelled.

The 227 passengers on board were sent back to hotels after spending yesterday at the airport waiting to board their flight.

Air New Zealand said today its engineers had sourced a replacement part for the affected indication system which arrived in Honolulu a short time ago, and they were confident it would fix the problem.

Air New Zealand flight NZ9 would now operate as NZ6889, leaving Honolulu at 2.10pm local time and arriving in Auckland at 9.30pm today.

The airline said it was doing everything possible to get passengers with domestic or international connections to their final destination as soon as possible. No fees would be charged for passengers who needed to change their onward flights.

Passenger Phil Wardale said communication from the airline had been "ordinary".

"Whilst Air NZ has our contact details, all of us have received no text nor emails even though they had us write them down last night again."

He said passengers had been talking about their unhappiness that yesterday Air NZ took them from their hotel to the airport where they checked in and waited to board the plane, only to find out the repair on the part hadn't worked.

He said he thought Air NZ should have ensured the repair had worked before checking all the passengers and having them wait at the airport, rather than at the hotel.


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