Snap brings snow, more cold to come

Youngsters Eddie Weir (8) and Marley Weir (7, next photo) have fun in the snow near Orangapai in...
Youngsters Eddie Weir (8) and Marley Weir (7, next photo) have fun in the snow near Orangapai in Maniototo. PHOTOS: PAM JONES/FULTON HOGAN/RENEE WEIR

Parts of Central Otago sat under a dusting of snow yesterday, as a winter snap brought picture postcard scenery and motorist warnings.

Heavy snow restricted Danseys Pass Rd to 4WD vehicles for a time but snow had cleared by the afternoon.

Snow also fell in Ranfurly but had cleared by late afternoon.

About half a centimetre of snow also fell in areas between Kyeburn and Oturehua.

Central Otago District Council roading contractor Fulton Hogan issued advisories to motorists to take care on roads in Maniototo and Manuherikia, as well as the high country of Roxburgh.

Snow also fell in some of Dunedin's hill suburbs yesterday morning, and light snow was falling on the Crown Range Rd just after 12.40pm.

Meanwhile, Kiwis across the country should be waking to mostly fine skies today before later bracing themselves for snow and a big freeze overnight.

"The coldest morning [so far] this year is set to occur Wednesday," forecaster Niwa says.

It means Auckland residents can expect isolated showers before a mostly fine afternoon and top of 15C. But overnight the mercury will plunge to 5C.

Those further north in Whangārei can expect a top of 15C and overnight low of 7C.

Wellington is set for a top of 10C with a chance of afternoon showers, before dropping to a relatively balmy low compared to the rest of New Zealand of 6C overnight.

With snow falling down to 370m in parts of Otago yesterday, tonight's big cold should bring more falls across the South Island.

Christchurch is tipped to hit a top of 10C with isolated showers and a freezing -1C overnight.

Dunedin has a chance of showers in the morning before a fine afternoon and top of 10C. Overnight the temperature could fall to 2C.

Timaru residents should be waking to frosts this morning before a clear and sunny top of 11C. But overnight they are in for another freeze as the thermometer dips to -3C.

Queenstown is expecting a top of 8C today before also plummeting to minus 3C overnight tonight.

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