Museum and archives get upgrade, name change

Jane Macknight
Jane Macknight
The Waitaki District Council unanimously approved a $1,435,000 upgrade of the council’s museum and archives in Thames St yesterday as the council moved ahead with standalone upgrades of its two Thames St cultural facilities.

The council also adopted a name change for the North Otago Museum and Waitaki District Archive, which will now be known as the Waitaki Museum and Archive Te Whare Taoka o Te Waitaki.

A $3,361,000 work programme for the nearby Forrester gallery was approved yesterday as well.

At the Waitaki Museum and Archive updating a temporary exhibition space and the archives reception, refurbishment of the first floor, and refurbishment of museum storage all received the go-ahead if the council can find the money for the work from external sources.

For much of the past decade the council had planned to amalgamate the gallery, museum and archives and $1,129,000 of external funding was still available for the work.

The museum and archives name change received approval from Te Runanga o Moeraki upoko (appointed traditional leader) David Higgins, Forrester Gallery and Waitaki Museum and Archives director Jane Macknight said.

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