Waitaki Boys' High School prize list

Dux - Peter Knight
Dux - Peter Knight
The Waitaki Boys' High School prizegiving was held recently.The prize list is.-

Dux: Peter Knight; proxime accessit: Cameron Bignell; top scholar (year 12): Douglas Wood; top scholar (year 11): Finn Robinson.

Sports Awards
First XV rugby service: George Ferguson; outstanding merit rugby, most dedicated player First IX softball: Matthew Bentley; Second XV rugby team contribution: William Nehoff; most points scored rugby: George Bell; most tries, interschool rugby matches: Neil Hill; outstanding merit cricket: Shaun Todd; dedication to cricket: Zac Graham; best bowling First XI cricket: Matthew Day; highest batting average First XI cricket: Adriaan Myburg; bowls: Glen Robertson; swimming: Matt Duff; intermediate swimming, swimmer of the year: Jeremy Tasker; senior cross-country: Daniel Brown; intermediate cross-country: Jamie Robb; most valued First XI football player: Lou Kelemen; contribution football: Douglas Wood; badminton plate: Cameron Tonkin; senior doubles tennis champions: Cameron Bignell, Joshua Dalziel; tennis cup: Joshua Dalziel; contribution to First XI hockey, most valued interschool player First XI hockey, captain First XI hockey: Philip McBride; contribution First XI hockey: James Wright; trapshooting: Ben Bringans; smallbore shooting: Callum Bradley; all-round contribution rowing squad: William Nehoff; most valued player First IX softball: Jai Costelloe; golf: Thomas Forbes; most valued golfer: Thomas Forbes; long driving competition: Kris Rush; squash: Scott Godsall; basketballer of the year: Ryan McAuley; service basketball: Brock Wilson; SCRANO Shield: Lee House (Caleb Dudley).

Year 11
High achievers: Shayle Baldwin, design technology metal; Cameron Boswell, history; Napat Chayochaichana, graphics; Clinton Constable, applied mathematics, applied science, applied English; Mark Davis, design technology wood; Matthew Day, art; Cameron Dellaway, science, geography; Christopher Duncan, applied mathematics; Braden Familton, digital information & media; Brodie Findlay, music; Jordan Gibbins, applied science; Hayden Gold, physical education; Blair Grant, English; Jeffrey Hewett, applied English; Edward Hunt, digital information & media; Geordy Johnstone, digital information; Bevin Joiner, design technology metal, mathematics; Kieran Jones; economics; Lachlan Kingan, design technology wood; Campbell Liddell, design technology wood; Mark MacDonald, digital information; Travis Macdonald, accounting, history; Ryan McAuley, physical education; Jason McGimpsey, accounting; James Pillay, applied science; Lance Reid, applied science; Finn Robinson, English, mathematics; Clayton Rowley, digital information; Sean Sandri, applied mathematics, applied science; Kenneth Shaw, applied science; Jeremy Tasker, science, economics; Mitchell Thompson-Holloway, music; Cameron Tonkin, geography; Joseph Walshe, art; Matthew Whiting, applied mathematics; Sirawit Wongvitavas, design technology wood; James Wright; agriculture.

Subject awards: English for speakers of other languages: Siriwit Wongvitavas, Alan Tong; art: Alan Tong; physical education: Blair Grant; digital information and media, graphics: Bevin Joiner; mathematics: Cameron Dellaway; accounting, economics: Cameron Tonkin; design technology metal: Dean Fenwick; geography: Edward Hunt; history, music: Finn Robinson; science, digital information: George Francis; design technology wood: James Wright; agriculture: Jason McGimpsey; practical science: Jonathon Sherwood; applied mathematics: Kenneth Kreft; applied English: Lance Reid; work skills: Tani Hamilton; English: Travis Macdonald.

Year 12
Ben Bringans, digital information & media; Nathan Caldwell, agriculture; Braden Crump, physical education: Nathan Friedlander, art; Tom Holloway, biology, accounting, English; George Inwood, applied English; Andrew Isger, physical education; Thomas Kitchin, economics, music; Jordan Macdonald, biology; Robin Mattisson, engineering; Andrew McMillan, general mathematics, graphics, geography, English; Thomas Muir, physics; Joseph Paton, general mathematics; James Pope, chemistry; Punyawat Prapatsorn, biology; Keith Robertson; economics; Matthew Rusbatch, history; Ethan Ryder, digital information & media; Callum Scott, mathematics, physics, music; Joe Seamons, art, applied English; Cory Sinclair, engineering; William Steenholdt, furniture making, history; Dillon Taylor, applied English; Yannik Walker, digital information & media, English, graphics; Eben Wallace, geography; Douglas Wood, accounting; Evan Zhu, chemistry, mathematics.


Subject awards: Graphics: Ben Bringans; accounting: Callum Scott; applied English: Cameron Blair; biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, physics: Douglas Wood; economics: Ethan Ryder; digital information & media, music: Evan Zhu; physical education: George Inwood; agriculture, engineering: James McFarlane; geography: Michael Burgess; furniture making, trade carpentry: Luke Joyce; general mathematics: Michael Ross; work skills: Regan McLay; history: Thomas Kitchin; art: Yannik Walker.

Year 13
School awards: George Bell, art - painting; Matthew Bentley, agriculture, biology; Cameron Bignell, mathematics with calculus, physics, accounting, economics, English; Caleb Blackbeard, English; Daniel Brown, art - design; Lewis Chellew, physical education; Karl Douglas, graphics, furniture making; Caleb Dudley, general mathematics, geography; George Ferguson, economics; Benjamin Fox, chemistry, physics; Wesley Furney, agriculture; Henry Gard, biology, chemistry; Neil Hill, agriculture, physical education; Thomas Hill, art - design, biology; Michael Ng, accounting, mathematics with statistics and modelling; Shanon Ngampiyaskul, English for speakers of other languages, chemistry, mathematics with calculus; Warot Prapatsorn, English for speakers of other languages; Timothy Scott, applied English; Timothy Turner, general mathematics, geography; Wong Hoi Yuen, art - painting, English for speakers of other languages, mathematics with statistics and modelling; Wong Hoi Hong, English for speakers of other languages.

Subject awards: history: Elliot Parsons: applied English, mathematics with statistics and modelling: George Ferguson; general mathematics: Henry Gard; physical education: Joshua Dalziel; graphics: Chan Ka Leuk, Wong Hoi Hong; visual arts design: Wong Hoi Hong; visual arts - painting: Lou Kelemen; trade carpentry: Jai Costelloe; English: Niklas Behrens; music: Shaun Todd; biology, chemistry, economics, mathematics with calculus, physics: Peter Knight; English for speakers of other languages: Sun Tharathep; digital technologies: Tane Bufton; accounting, geography: Thomas Hill; agriculture: Timothy Turner; Gateway: William Nehoff, Zac Graham.

Special Awards and Prizes
Design and painting: Billy Wong; art: Joe Seamons; Orchestra prize: Callum Scott; best vocalist: Shaun Todd; music: Punyawat Prapatsorn; assembly reading: Caleb Dudley; debating: Caleb Blackbeard, Niklas Behrens, Rory Stuart; essay writing: Niklas Behrens; speech year 11: Travis Macdonald; speech year 12: Scott Godsall; drama: Benaiah Ferguson; music: Benaiah Ferguson; Canteen long service: Luke Joyce; library outstanding service: Tane Bufton; service to school computing: Shane Griffin; most improved graphics: Jasper Irvine; contribution chess, senior chess: Sun Tharathep; speech year 13: Sun Tharathep; senior mastermind: Elliot Parsons.

Leadership: Don House: George Bell; Forrester House: Lewis Chellew; Lee House: Caleb Dudley; Sutherland House: George Ferguson; deputy head prefect: Matthew Bentley; head prefect: Cameron Bignell.

Prestige awards: Tempero award: Douglas Wood; North Otago Masonic Charitable Trust prize: Harley Richards; citizenship prize: William Nehoff, Elliot Parsons, Sun Tharathep; McLean Prize: Caleb Dudley; performing artist of the year: Finlay Robson; sportsman of the year: Dylan Kennett.

Citizenship awards: Scholarship: Caleb Blackbeard; citizenship prize: Joshua Dalziel; special citizenship prize: Matthew Bentley.

Heritage awards: Benjamin Fox, Cameron Bignell.


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