Council may add 'significant feature' to main street

Balclutha could get its own town icon, after the council decided to investigate adding one to the $2.6 million main street upgrade.

At the Clutha District Council's meeting last week, councillor Jo Lowrey said having a ''significant feature'' in the main business area would encourage tourists to stop and spend time in the town.

''I see this as a critical investment to make people stop. They are not going to stop at night time and take pictures of the bridge, they will stop during the day in town and also stop for a coffee.''

Her view was backed by several councillors.

Gaynor Finch said specific features became individual to that particular town.

Cr Hamish Anderson said the council had created a ''wish list'' and it was worthy of investigating.

However, Cr Stewart Cowie said Balclutha did not need a feature as it already had its own - the Clutha River.

''We have a big river ... we don't need a carrot or a pineapple.''

Councillors passed the motion to investigate creating a feature. Crs Cowie and Cr Bruce Graham voted against.


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