Mayor cracks down on freedom

Bryan Cadogan
Bryan Cadogan

Clutha's mayor wants to move away from using the term ``freedom camping'' and instead talk of ``responsible'' or ``irresponsible'' campers.

At the West Otago and Lawrence-Tuapeka Community Board meetings on Wednesday, Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan used the words to describe campers based on their different behaviours.

He asked board members and councillors to refrain from using ``freedom camping'', as he wanted to change the terminology and the perception associated with it.

``We're trying to move away from the freedom camping because it doesn't portray the true issue and it's hard enough differentiating with motor homes.''

He said several mayors had met to discuss camping issues and the new descriptions were coined by his brother, Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan.

Bryan Cadogan said it was imperative all councils worked together to get campers behaving more responsibly.

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