Store owner seeks to share his passion for music

Threes and Sevens Records owner and musician Jordan Cossill wants his Invercargill record store...
Threes and Sevens Records owner and musician Jordan Cossill wants his Invercargill record store to unite the music community. PHOTO: NINA TAPU
Record store Threes and Sevens Records owner Jordan Cossill says he is not too fazed by JB Hi Fi’s Invercargill store opening.

He said he was a rookie on the Invercargill retail music scene, but refused to let the launch of the home entertainment retail chain throw shade on his bright business plans and Invercargill’s music community.

"It’s mildly concerning for me, they are a huge corporate business with massive buying power ... " he said.

He hoped the differences between his boutique record store and the retail giant would be enough to maintain an interest in his store and engage new customers.

"I’m trying to create something where you have an experience, something that has a bit more of the vibe and that’s the key.

As a full-time musician, Mr Cossill believed his business allowed him to share his passion for music with others in the community.

Mr Cossill planned to expand his shop and increase sales by moving to new premises.

"Everyone has become so insular, they order music online, they don’t meet others. There’s nowhere for people to mix, and to be inspired to write a piece of music, record a song or put on a production or spark a podcast.

"You get all types that come in here, my regulars ask for classics like Fleetwood Mac, Def Tones and Soundgarden, then you’ll get someone wanting Taylor Swift, or hip-hop vinyls.

"International tourists check out what we’re about while they’re doing their great walks," he said.

Mr Cossill said big box retailers would have a competitive pricing edge over smaller retailers, but thought overall his store would be a new "positive" experience for the Invercargill community.

"People who didn’t realise that they were music lovers will discover that they [are]."

 - By Nina Tapu