Ever wanted to own a Bugatti? Pedal car being auctioned off for charity


Realtors have teamed up with a Canterbury craftsman to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.

The Property Brokers team will auction a pedal car made as a replica of a vintage model from the French luxury sports automobile brand Bugatti.

Agent Paddy Strange said the project began after a visit to 84-year-old client, retired panel-beater Graeme Thompson, who had a gift for making pedal cars.

‘‘He is a master craftsman of years gone past, and with him supplying the labour and us the materials, we’ve produced this replica,’’ Strange said.

It has all the working components of a classic pedal car and is suitable for children to use.

It is a one-of-kind masterpiece, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, then painted in the blue and red colours of the nationwide realtor. Its number plate is PB12122.

Thompson and the realtors chose Ronald McDonald House in Christchurch as the beneficiary.

It was their way of paying it forward.

‘‘Hopefully they’ll get good money for it,’’ Thompson said.

Five-year-old Benji Muckle of Ashburton takes the replica Bugatti pedal car for a spin ahead of...
Five-year-old Benji Muckle of Ashburton takes the replica Bugatti pedal car for a spin ahead of its auction. PHOTO: JOANNE MCCLOY PHOTOGRAPHY
The realtors recently volunteered at the house, helping with an evening meal.

‘‘We were all quite humbled by the experience with young families up there, their siblings that had to stay in Ronald McDonald House and the parents that just looked absolutely shattered after a big day.

‘‘We just thought it was a wonderful place, a great environment and we thought what better place to give the money to,’’ Strange said.

Ronald McDonald House provides accommodation and support for families throughout Canterbury and further afield when their child is in hospital.

‘‘We are hoping to earn some reasonable money for a very humble cause.’’

He said pedal cars had sold internationally in the past for more than $10,000.

‘‘If we could get that at least, that would be brilliant. That would go to a really, really good cause,’’ Strange said.

  • The auction on Trade Me lists the car with a starting price of $5000. The auction opened today and closes at 8pm on June 20.