REVIEW: Classic panto with a twist

Comedic escapades ...  Peter Pan (Penelope  Hare) and Captain Hook (Calum  Beck) in the Globe...
Comedic escapades ... Peter Pan (Penelope Hare) and Captain Hook (Calum Beck) in the Globe Theatre's production of Peter Pan provide good value entertainment for all the family. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


The Globe Theatre presents Peter Pan.

Review by Simon Henderson

Just in time for the festive season is a delightful pantomime that gives a comic twist on J.M. Barrie's timeless tale.

Peter Pan blends classic elements with a contemporary touch, making it a tasty treat for audiences of all ages.

In the great tradition of British pantomime, the script by UK writer Alex Jackson is fresh and funny.

Direction by Zac Henry adds some local references to delight a Dunedin audience.

The music and lyrics by Tobias Devereux and Penelope Hare are clever and tuneful. 

Penelope Hare shines as Peter Pan, bringing a spirited and mischievous energy to the role.

Calum Beck's portrayal of Hook is humorously menacing and he has some of the best moments as a pirate with all the patience of a mid-level business executive at a staff away day.

He is a hit with the younger audience members and gets mileage from some adlibs with the crowd. 

The best moments are when Hook and Pan are on stage together, although the supporting cast help keep the story moving on.

Annabelle McLenaghen as Tinker Bell deserves a special mention for her sassy portrayal of the tiny winged fairy, with some good one-liners.

The ensemble cast brings life and colour to Neverland's various inhabitants, and add some song and dance numbers.

The production's blend of humour, action, and heartfelt moments makes it a wonderful experience for families. 

The enduring appeal of Peter Pan's story has been reimagined in a way that feels both familiar and new.

This production of Peter Pan is a magical journey that proves some stories truly are timeless.

Further shows to come  - Peter Pan runs till Sunday December 10.