New book explores a 'Canterbury' art

Bryan James reviews Inner Landscapes.

Although Inner Landscapes describes the work of 15 mature artists with specific University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts connections, Southern readers with an interest in the fine arts will find sufficient familiar faces and works to arouse their interest.

It's been handsomely produced by Canterbury University Press ($59.95, hbk) and consists of interviews of the artists by Sally Blundell, accompanied by full-page colour reproductions of their work and photographic portraits of the artists in their studios by Diederik van Heyningen.

An essay by Justin Patron wrestling with the concept of a "Canterbury" art completes the survey, which is a project by the Canterbury Arts and Heritage Trust.

The artists range from "old masters" like Barry Cleavin, Don Peebles and Philip Trusttum, absolutely secure in their work, to some of the younger talent still in many ways exploring unknown territory - people such as Ronnie van Hout, Joanna Langford and Hannah and Aaron Beehre.

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