Christchurch Businesses Achieving Success with Local Telco Partner

What do escape rooms and cloud-powered CMS software have in common? Besides being successful Christchurch businesses, they’ve each chosen a telco whom they consider a true partner.

Webcare offers easy-to-use, reliable, and secure client and staff management systems for support providers in the health and disabilities sector. “Our clients rely on our software for everything from daily notes, incidents reporting, rostering, scheduling, staffing, client data, facility management, and much more,” says Sean Renner, CEO & Co-founder.

To securely handle such large quantities of sensitive data, “We needed to find the right service provider to partner with who could supply us with capable, cloud-based data solutions,” says Mayank Keshariya, CTO & Co-founder.

Extensive research led them to Voyager, who delivered high performance, enterprise-grade VMware cloud servers to host and store all Webcare’s data. Additionally, Voyager manages an off-site data backup - ensuring that it remains secure and protected - as well as provides business-grade broadband. “We need the internet to be fast and reliable because we work in the cloud so much,” says Sean.

“Our relationships with the people at Voyager have built our trust in their service and support,” Sean continues. “We know we’re going to get the help we need. We have faith that we can always go back to Voyager and have a discussion around what we’re looking for - and then they come back with a solution. We trust the advice from Voyager, and we trust the services.”

Escape Artists Christchurch
For Dan Varcoe, Director of Escape Artists Christchurch, puzzles are more than just a hobby; they’re a passion. And he’s turned that passion into a living that has allowed him to share it with everyone – through unique, challenging, themed escape rooms.

“We are fully reliant on the internet for a good customer experience. Every step along the way, there’s a connection to our Voyager solutions that can’t fail” says Dan. “If our broadband isn’t working, we can’t talk to customers or book them in. We can’t run our games or communicate with the teams in the rooms. We can’t even take the team photo at the end unless our internet is working.”

Along with Voyager broadband, Escape Artists uses Voyager Voice for their phone system. “At the start, VoIP was foreign to me,” says Dan. “I thought all phone lines were the same, but the team at Voyager taught me about the advantages of VoIP. It’s been awesome to just plug in our phones and have them ready to go, especially being able to add another user without re-wiring or anything.”

And just as does for his own customers, Dan values the personal support he receives from Voyager, where every phone call is a real, human interaction. “If I ring a company, I just want to be able to speak to someone, the same way we treat our customers,” he says. “No other telco besides Voyager has really appealed to me.”

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