Packard was still regarded as the ultimate luxury car when this beautiful Senior Super 8 Coupé drove off the assembly line in 1935. Who would not be proud to own it, then or now?

Priced at $2880, when an equivalent model Ford cost $570, just twelve were made and this particular car is one of the four that still exist. Her destiny was a little different from her siblings, being gifted by Packard's president to one of the most famous women of her time, Amelia Earhart.

While winning useful publicity, Packard's grand gesture was an acknowledgement of Earhart's 1935 solo flight across the North Atlantic, the first female to do so. Two years later Amelia and her navigator ran out of fuel and luck when their Lockheed Electra disappeared forever somewhere near Howland Island in the vast Pacific Ocean; their final resting place a mystery that still intrigues.

Earhart's husband sold the Packard to a dealer who on-sold it to a Dallas gangster. By the late 1940s it was picked up in sad condition by an enthusiast who totally dismantled the car but, over the following 57 years, did little restoration work.

An Australian, Ross Marshall, acquired the car in 2007, completely restoring her in the United States and Australia to a very high standard. At a hefty 2.2 tons the powerful Packard uses all of her 150hp to reach a maximum speed of over 90mph in a remarkably quiet smooth manner. This is your only chance to see "Amelia'' before she heads back over the ditch.

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