Health Care Home programme expands

Five additional shared practices have started the Health Care Home programme in the Southern district helping to improve primary health care services across the district.

Waihopai Health Services in Invercargill, Broadway Medical Centre in Dunedin, Cromwell’s Junction Health, Wanaka Medical Centre, and Aspiring Medical Centre in Wanaka have joined the HCH programme – a model of primary care promoting access to urgent and unplanned care, providing more preventative care and better support of people with complex needs.

“The Health Care Home facilitates better connections across the health system, keeping the focus on patients and their whanau,” says Lisa Gestro, SDHB Executive Director Strategy, Primary and Community.

Four practices - Amity Health Centre in Dunedin, Queenstown and Gore Health and Gore Medical - started the programme earlier this year and further seven will begin in mid-2019.

Healthier menu

Looking to support better food and drink choices, Southern DHB will soon be offering new, healthier menu items for staff, visitors at all hospital and facilities across Otago and Southland.

That means more waters, whole grains, fruits and vegetables will be available from staff canteens, cafés and retailers with fewer or smaller portions sizes of sugary cakes and slices. Fizzy drinks will be phased out and new vending machines are on the way to provide new snack choices.

“Diabetes, obesity and oral health issues are of increasing concern in our society and poor diets are a major contributing factor to this. It is our responsibility to set an example,” says Tim Mackay, Southern DHB Dental Surgeon and Deputy to the Chief Medical Officer, noting that in-patient meals are not included in the new policy. “We’re not limiting what food and drinks staff and visitors can bring on site. But we do want to make sure more healthy food and beverages choices are available.”

New fresh and healthy items are already starting to appear on the shelves and in the chillers at Southern DHB sites and more are to come as we prepare to roll out the Healthy Food and Beverage Policy.


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