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Mitre 10 is proud to stock high quality bathroom supplies for your home. Our range includes a variety of bathroom products such as showers and baths, toilets, basins, vanities along with an extensive range of kitchen and bathroom tapware. Our range of hot water cylinders, pipes & fittings means our store is the ultimate one stop shop for your next DIY project.


Need Help Planning your Bathroom?

Come down today and let one of our team show you how we can help or get started now with our helpful bathroom planner.

Create your dream bathroom

You’ll find everything you need to create your dream bathroom at Mitre 10. Our range covers products and designs to suit any style, space and budget.

Whether you’re planning a few simple upgrades or a full bathroom reno, we have everything you need under one roof. From our extensive range of baths, showers, toilets, vanities, basins, tapware and accessories, to quality flooring and lighting, right down to the tools and equipment you need to get the job done, we’ll make your life easier.

To help you visualize the end-result of your makeover, we have a showroom which present everything you require and illustrate what can be achieved.Pop in store, where our team of well-trained, friendly team will help you with expert advice on your reno project.

Planning a bathroom

Since the bathroom is one of the most often used rooms in any home, it’s crucial to make sure it works for you. Whatever your needs and amount of space, with some planning you can create your own private retreat.
Planning is the key to any bathroom renovation. Bathrooms are an exciting yet complex project, there are lots of aspects to consider, and each needs to work in with the other.

Think it through

Before you go full steam ahead, ask yourself a few key questions to be sure of your requirements, and the extent of the job ahead:

• Who will use the bathroom?
• Is it the main family bathroom and will guests use it?
• What storage do you need?
• Does the room need extra lighting?
• How will you ventilate the room?
• What are your must-haves?
• Do you have any special requirements?

Draw it up

Once you’ve answered those, think about layout. This is important as it is what will make your bathroom functional, and ensure you make the most of the space you have. Measure up and sketch a floorplan – don’t cut corners with this as it’s worth getting it right now. Make sure you mark where your doors and windows are, where the existing plumbing pipes and electrical wiring runs and any other permanent fixtures. You can move plumbing and wiring, even your toilet if you want, but it adds time and cost so think carefully about why you want to. Also keep in mind which way doors open and how far plus the average size of bathroom fixtures.

• Toilet: allow at least 600mm in front of the toilet and 200mm either side of the bowl.
• Bath: An average bath is usually 1700mm long and 800mm wide.
• Shower: You need at least 800 x 800mm for the shower recess.
• Basin: Ensure you have a clear space of 700mm from the front of the basin to the nearest wall.

Once you’ve settled on your floor plan, and the essential fixtures you need check out the different fixtures available. For some bathroom inspiration visit the Mitre 10 Dream Zone and for help in selecting products and creating a bathroom within your budget talk to a team member in store.


The simplicity of monochrome works well in a bathroom where strong clean lines often dominate. Black and white is dramatic yet timeless and surprisingly versatile in how you contrast the two colours, as you can play with different tones and patterns.


There are many cheap yet chic ways to update your bathroom. Installing internal wall lining or board rather than wall tiles is more cost-effective, and our range of lower-cost showers, vanities, lighting and accessories will help keep renovation expenses to a minimum.


The combination of exposed pipes and rugged materials such as concrete, bricks or reclaimed wood creates a look that has unassuming charm. Squared edges and sharp lines work well with this look. Add black or brushed stainless steel tapware and industrial wire lamps, and you’ve got a unique bathroom that also has longevity.


If you’re after a luxury look on a low budget, marble is a great choice. As a trend, marble has long endured, and white with attractive grey and black veining will really light up a bathroom. Teamed with gloss white or black fixtures, it provides a classic, sophisticated look.




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