Sonny Chin: Qi Master Body Technician

Sonny Chin: Qi Master Body Technician
Sonny Chin: Qi Master Body Technician
Did you know back ache is one of the most common clinical conditions diagnosed, it happens to everyone. No one escapes the minor or major back discomforts. In the long term pain that is not alleviated can create referral pain patterns. Common conditions can be entrapment in the lower region  hip, buttock, knee, sciatica pain  and if still not addressed, numb feet.

Sonny Chin: Qi Master Body Technician treats the whole spine, so total relaxation and comfort of the spine is achieved . Feel great, increase your vitality, release deep held emotions, increase flexibility and mobility, plus learn techniques to clear and calm the mind and achieve the state of alert relaxation.

The body technician treats the structural, muscular, emotional and spiritual body that we are all connected to as one.  One human body living a healthy and functional understanding of life, living and developing and laughing with life. This is the optimal function of developing your soul.

Now that the physical condition sorted out, the body technician also deals with mental conditions and emotional difficulties caused by traumatic experiences in the past or more immediate present can be cleared. Eg. anger, fear, anxiety, depression, heartache, migraines, stress, sexual abuse etc.

The focus is on increasing the individuals physical well-being and raising the individuals awareness of unhealthy thinking and behaviour in relation to the complaint. Sometimes this will trigger hidden feelings to address, for example anger, sadness and fear.

After acknowledging and letting go of the feelings held in the body the individual learns to focus their mind on what is happening in their life right now instead of allowing the past to continue to influence their future. This allows them to take back control of their life.

The ultimate aim is to help the individual on their path of self-healing providing the person with the tools to continue this process of self-realisation; understanding oneself on all levels of manifestation to enjoy living and cultivating life.

Relax and laugh with your life’s journey.

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