A chance to shine

Regular readers will know that I always taste the wines masked and in random order, but with Riesling there is another task: bundling the wines in levels of dryness/sweetness, which I feel is fairer on the wines.

Determining the sweetness is an imperfect science, so tasting the wines with my associates Messrs Collins and McLaren often means that we have to shift a drier than expected wine into another grouping and vice-versa, before tasting them all again in a different sequence. Hopefully this gives each wine a chance to shine, as it did today.

2019 Carrick Organic Bannockburn Dry Riesling

Price RRP $28
Rating Excellent
Fragrant nose, white
flowers, dry honey, a
little funk/jet fuel with
aeration. Texturally
rich, flirting with a
sweet ‘n’ sour feel,
an undercurrent of
fruit richness with
lime and grapefruit, a
distinctly dry palate
and lip-smacking
acidity. This opens
up, gaining depth
and intensity, the
flavours hanging in
the mouth, yet still
retaining that bracing

2020 Pegasus Bay Bel Canto Dry Riesling

Price RRP $40
Rating Rating Outstanding

Beguiling and powerful
nose, matchstick,
musk, dry honey,
orange zest. Weight
and depth to this, with
a touch of spritz. The
palate builds on the
nose, adding orange
and apricot kernel,
while a touch of
corruption adds
interest and intrigue. A
floral, sweetly fruited
aspect runs through
this, delightful texture
too. Fascinatingly
complex and long.
Serious stuff.

2019 Carrick Organic Bannockburn Riesling

Price RRP $28
Rating Very Good to Excellent

Sweetly floral nose
of honey and
honeysuckle, nuts
and smoke. A
crystalline quality ,
drier than the nose
might infer. A purity
and raciness here
with a honeyed
quality to the fruit yet
finishing quite dry.
The acidity is driving
this along for now,
adding appley hints
and will flesh out. A
delightful aperitif for
a summer’s day on
the deck.

2020 Craggy Range Single Vineyard Te Muna Road Vineyard Riesling

Price RRP $31.95
Rating Excellent to Outstanding

Floral honeysuckle
notes draw you in
adding dry honey,
lime/lemon citrus,
warm bread and spice.
Nice complexity here.
Flavour filled palate
showcasing red and
green apple, honey and
spice, just off-dry but
with finely balanced
acidity that keeps this
lively, running to a long
finish, drier than the
palate might suggest.
A powerful yet deft
expression. Delicious.

2020 Carrick Organic Josephine Bannockburn Riesling 

Price RRP $34
Rating Excellent to Outstanding

Fascinating nose, floral
initially, golden
delicious apple, struck
flint/mineral qualities,
dry honey with
aeration. Honeyed
richnesss on entry,
then like biting into a
crisp apple, a crunchy
quality, delightfully
vibrant. Sweetness yet
superb balance, an
aerial quality with a line
of acidity keeping this
racy. Already very
drinkable, but potential

2019 Pegasus Bay Riesling

Price RRP $30
Rating Excellent to Outstanding

Volume on the nose
immediately apparent.
Flits from a little funk to
apple, grapefruit and
musk, nice
complexity. Richness,
filling the mouth,
apple, musky botrytis,
spices, off dry with
super acid balance.
Excellent focus to this,
super texturally with
winning complexity.
Great length and a
lovely lip-smacking
close. I want to go
back for more of this.

2019 Riverby Estate Sali’s Block Single Vineyard Marlborough Riesling

Price RRP $22
Rating Very Good to Excellent

Attractive but different
with caraway/herb
notes, ripe apple,
mandarin, oat bran, a
flinty note with time.
Creamy texture, a hint
of salinity, smoke,
apple again, the acidity
rushing in keeping this
zesty. Starts
somewhat shy but
begins to flesh out and
show its potential. Still
youthful with more to
offer, honeyed apple
notes hang on the
salivatory finish.

2021 Dicey Bannockburn Riesling

Price RRP $26
Rating Excellent to Outstanding

Gorgeous nose, white
flowers, ripe apple,
musk, stony mineral.
The palate sweeter
than the nose suggests
yet racy acidity gives
this real vibrancy. Hard
candy, honey, apple,
spices, a wisp of
stonefruit and
minerality with time, a
tingly quality. Lovely
balance, wonderfully
racy, a long close, and
so terribly moreish that
you crave another

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