5 questions with: Yvonne Godfrey

Photo: supplied
Photo: supplied

Author and speaker Yvonne Godfrey, of Auckland, has been in Otago addressing adolescent, parenting and family issues as part of a speaking tour of New Zealand.

What was the best birthday present you ever received, and why?

My mum sewed some new clothes for my rag doll, Bluey. This was the last present I got before my parents split up when I was 10. I didn't see my mother much after that as she moved to another city and so this act of love was something to remember her by.

What smell do you find irresistible?

Home-made baking. I love to bake and I love eating it more; even the mixture while I am making it.

What is your least favourite thing about humanity?

Crimes of cruelty and sexual depravity committed against children and the vulnerable. It brings tears to my eyes just writing this.

What is one strong childhood memory?

After school, my brother Peter and I would ride our horses to the back of the farm to bring the cows home for milking. After we finished milking, Dad and I washed down the shed while dancing to Jose Feliciano's music, celebrating another job well done.

What is your message?

Families today are under a lot of pressure; some of it self-generated. I want to see family life become more rewarding, instead of it being primarily an endurance race.

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