All I want for Xmas is a doctor

The wait for Christmas is nearly over but many Otago residents will continue to wait, not for Santa, but for a doctor.

An ACC report has revealed 146 Otago residents made a claim after they injured themselves on Christmas Day last year. Their treatment, support and rehabilitation cost $121,562. Dunedin City had the most mishaps in Otago making up 70 casualties, with 33 in the Queenstown-Lakes district, 27 in Central Otago district, nine in Waitaki district, and seven in Clutha district.

Nationally, ACC accepted 3527 claims from Christmas Day injuries, costing more than $2 million in treatment, support and rehabilitation. ACC injury and prevention services general manager John Beaglehole said the causes of injury included pulling a muscle while cooking the Christmas dinner, getting burnt by the barbecue, hit by a flying cork, or cutting their hand when opening a beer. Others hurt themselves gardening, setting up a tent, diving in a pool, playing cricket and falling off scooters and skateboards.

Nearly half the claims last Christmas were from falls. About 30% involved alcohol, he said.

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