Chance of early start to Octagon CCTV

CCTV in Dunedin may be online sooner than initially planned.

The plan was to start operating the 14 fixed, wide-angle closed circuit TV cameras in the Octagon in early November, but DCC customer advocate Adrian Blair said things were going so well the start date could be brought forward.

The $200,000 system was in place, had been trialled and tested and aside from a few tweaks, it was ready to go.

Police officers were being trained and the training of more than 40 volunteers who had already signed up to monitor the cameras, would begin soon.

The cameras will record continuously. Police officers will observe the transmissions most of the time, but at peak times, on Friday and Saturday nights, from early evening to 4am, and during high activity events, the transmissions will be monitored by the trained and sworn volunteers.

Mr Blair said a decision was due within a week on whether the system would go live earlier than scheduled.



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