Energetic and involved

Sarah Nitis.
Sarah Nitis.
In the final in a series of profiles of the new Mosgiel-Taieri community board, Sarah Nitis (nee Davie) tells us a bit about herself. The sixth board member, Blackie Catlow, declined to submit a profile.

I'm married to Petros and we have two children together, Lennox (1) and Ebony (3 weeks), and two older boys, Giovanni (12) and Nico (9), who we have week-on week-off ... so life at the Nitis household is never dull.

Former owner of Blackstone Cafe and chairwoman of the Mosgiel Business Association (MBA), I also have experience in local health and education sectors.

More recently my focus has changed from business life to family life and I've become increasingly involved in socially-oriented groups including schools, the Taieri Parents Centre, and the Taieri Community Wellbeing Strategy Group.

I am energetic and have positively contributed to local initiatives, leading projects aimed at increasing our communities' resilience.

These have included the planter box, Christmas street market, BNZ Mosgiel Friday Market, and Christmas vitality projects.

A ''Mos-girl'' from way back, I'm involved in, and passionate about, our growing community, and excited by this opportunity to work to enhance the unique lifestyle of the Taieri.

I'm looking forward to working for you to resolve local issues including pedestrian safety, access to active recreational facilities such as the pool, and business sustainability - ensuring council services meet the needs of our diverse community.

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