Kavanagh College wins schools' speaking contest

Kavanagh College has won the Bishop's Shield, in the 70th annual Otago and Southland Catholic secondary schools' public speaking competition.

The contest was hosted by Kavanagh in Dunedin at the weekend and involved pupils from Kavanagh, St Peter's College, in Gore, Verdon College, in Invercargill, and St Kevin's College, in Oamaru.

St Kevin's won the shield in 2012, and shared it with St Peter's in 2011. It was this year's runner-up.


Junior drama (Alpha Cup) St Kevin's 1, Verdon 2; senior drama (J.B. Lynch CFC Cup) Kavanagh 1, St Peter's 2; junior scripture (Gerard Curran Cup) Karan Ratgali (St Kevin's) 1, Lucy Wilkins (Kavanagh) 2; senior scripture study questions (Bishop Kavanagh Cup) Olivia O'Kane (Kavanagh) 1, Morgan Pearce (St Peter's) 2; senior scripture psalm/sight reading (Nora Brophy trophy) Olivia O'Kane and Sarah Hughes (Verdon) 1st equal, Morgan Pearce and Georgia Holland (St Kevin's) 2nd equal; impromptu speech (Dowling Cup) Gray Doppenberg (St Kevin's) 1, Callum MacLeod (Kavanagh) 2; prepared speech (Hibernian Cup) Isobel Ryan (St Kevin's) 1, Caitlin Smith (Kavanagh) 2; junior debating (Coral Paris Trophy) Verdon (leader Samantha Keene, second Travis Oudhoff, third Riley Place) 1, St Kevin's 2; senior debating (Fr Christopher Gaffey Cup) Kavanagh (leader Shania Fox, second Tom Henderson, third Josh Meikle) 1, Verdon 2; best speaker junior debates (Dominican Cup) Mark Whittet (St Kevin's); best speaker senior debates (Hibernian Cup) Isaac Mullin (Kavanagh); most promising dramatic performance senior (Boyce Family Cup) Sovannara Lu (Kavanagh); most promising dramatic performance junior (Terry Angus Cup) Max Stewart (St Kevin's); Bishop's Shield runner-up (Marist Centennial Plate) St Kevin's; Bishop's Shield Kavanagh.

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