Meeting on Invermay

Southern farmers will next month have a chance to air their concerns about AgResearch's decision to cut jobs from its Invermay campus.

The meeting with AgResearch chief executive Dr Tom Richardson and chairman Sam Robinson and other members of the organisation's leadership team was set up by Southern Texel Breeders Association president Hugh Gardyne.

Mr Gardyne said the meeting, being held at Invermay on March 12, would give farmers, breeders and other interested parties an opportunity to hear an outline of AgResearch's plan and express any concerns they had.

There was widespread concern in southern farming about the loss of capability at Invermay, which meant he expected a ''good turnout'' at the meeting, he said.

''Invermay has a strong regional support and collaborates with a lot of organisations for all number of things and allows for frequent contact directly with farmers and scientists.''

''It's not going to happen if they are 300 miles [480km] away.''

There was also concern over the difference in climate between Lincoln, where the scientists would move if AgResearch's plan goes ahead, and Otago and Southland.

Mr Gardyne said he was ''grateful'' members of AgResearch's leadership team were coming down for the meeting, but would have preferred to meet them sooner.


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