Blue Mountain College prizes

Blue Mountain College, Tapanui, held its prizegiving on December 14. The prize list is. -


Academic prizes

Form 9 HV

Melissa Bain (diligence), Tessa Kelly (digital technology, economics, English, foods technology, mathematics, physical education, science, visual art and workshop technology), Annie Mackenzie (music), Taine Rarere (music), Brea Sim (Social Studies), Connor Watson (Maori). Second in economics, English and Maori, first equal in social studies and visual art, first in digital technology, mathematics, music, physical education, science and workshop technology, Yvonne van Baarle is top student in 9 HV.

Form 9 LV

Daniel Batt (physical education), Marti Blythe (workshop technology), Olivia Butler (digital technology, English, foods technology, mathematics, science, visual art), Cody Diamond (Maori), Tayla Fitzgerald (diligence), Emily McElrea (English and visual art), Ben Rea (music and physical education), Ethan Watson (music), Tamara Weller (economics, music, social studies and visual art). Third in physical education, first equal in music, first in economics, English, mathematics, science, social studies and workshop technology, Arna Criglington is top student in 9 LV.


Form 10 MD

Fraser Munro (agriculture, English and science), Samuel Perkins (mathematics, social studies and workshop technology), Luc Purser (digital information, diligence and physical education). First equal in physical education, first in digital information, economics, English, mathematics, science and social studies, Liam Wright is top student in 10 MD.

Junior workshop prize: most promising student Year 10: Samuel Perkins.

Wrightson Cup for excellence in agriculture: Donated by Wrightson Ltd, Year 10: Fraser Munro.

Form 10 PN

Michaela Blair (horticulture), Eveline Devereux (fabrics technology, foods technology and visual art), Cole Hitchcock (mathematics and science), Georgia Nicol (digital media and English), Kelsey Waddell (diligence, physical education and social studies). Third in digital media, second in economics, first equal in English and fabrics technology, first in mathematics, science and social studies, Thomas Adam is top student in 10 PN.


Year 11

Cody Bain (graphics and materials technology and design technology prize); Zoe Hancox (food technology, geography and physical education), Alice Jarvis (agriculture), Tash Johnston (art, history, mathematics and science), Megan McCall (food technology), Krystina Trewby Gunn (diligence) and Tapanui Supermarket prize for outstanding effort in Year 11 food technology, Thomas Wilson (digital technologies, economics, English and geography), design technology prize, Mason Calder. Effort and perseverance in agriculture, Mason Calder; excellence in and commitment to art, Tash Johnston.

Third in geography, second in mathematics, first in economics, history, physical education and science, Mathilde van Baarle is top student in Year 11.


Year 12

Sinead Cormack (biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics); Garth Devereux (agriculture) and achievement in Year 12 agriculture;

Alexander Falconer (diligence and graphics); Elliot Hancox (physical education); Ashley McDonald (economics); Talia Purser (English and history); Gavin Stark (wood technology) and top all-round student in design technology (Year 12/13). Dedication to school farm, Lee Stiven; metalworking skills (Year 12/13), Tyson Adams; first in chemistry, economics, history and mathematics, Shani Hayes is top student in Year 12.


Year 13

Tyrone Broad (art and visual arts award); Ellie-May Jarvis (biology, chemistry, economics, mathematics and physics), Alexandra King (food technology); Whina Pomana (English and information communication technology); Nathan Roberts (graphics); Amy Sim (history); Mathew Varcoe (materials technology); Ashleigh White (physical education); home economics prize, Bridget van Woerden; senior economics, Ellie-May Jarvis; science and mathematics prizes, Ellie-May Jarvis. Excellence in distance education, Amy Sim. Contribution to school magazine, Whina Pomana.

Librarian's prize, Whina Pomana.


Special prizes

Spirit of Adventure Trust Voyages 2013, Alexander Falconer, Zoe Hancox, Tash Johnston, Megan McCall, Mathilde van Baarle; Hercules humanities/social sciences prize, Charlotte Kerr; science prize, Year 12 and Year 13, Sinead Cormack and Ellie-May Jarvis; service to the community, Tony Johnston; personal integrity, Ellie-May Jarvis and Whina Pomana; outstanding leadership on Year 13 tramp, Tony Johnston; service to the school, Tony Johnston and Whina Pomana; outstanding leadership, Tony Johnston; deputy head pupils of 2012, Samuel Peirce and Ashleigh White; head pupils of 2012, Rachael Corlett and Tony Johnston.

Best all round pupil in Year 8, Hanna Harvey; best all round pupil in Year 11, Zoe Hancox; best all round pupil, Rachael Corlett; Hands on Science Scholarship, Alexander Falconer; award recognising high intellect, leadership, school spirit and involvement in school activities, Tony Johnston; performing arts scholarship, Whina Pomana; Community Trust of Southland Tertiary Scholarships, Georgia Mackenzie and Amy Sim; Otago Polytechnic Principal's Scholarship, Amy Sim; Crookston Bursaries, Charlotte Kerr, Samuel Peirce; George Arthur Memorial Scholarship, Josie Mariu; West Otago Lions Scholarship, Tony Johnston; Proxime Accessit to the Dux, Tony Johnston, Dux medal and prize and Otago University Dux scholarship of $5000, Ellie-May Jarvis.


Sports certificates, cups and trophies

Cross-country championships: Girls U12, Georgia Thomson; boys U12, Timothy McGimpsey;girls U13, Sequoia Leatham; boys U13, Jacob Beal-Harris; girls U14, Brea Sim; boys U14, Connor Watson; girls U15, Zoe Hancox; boys U15, Fraser Munro; girls U16, Grace Isteed; boys U16, Mason Calder.

Swimming championships: girls U12, Cindy Weller; boys U12, Sam Calder; girls U13, Stella Keown; boys U13, Angus Simmers; girls U14, Yvonne van Baarle; boys U14, Ben Rea; girls U16, Megan McCall, Mathilde van Baarle.

Athletics championships:girls U12, Rachael Kummer; boys U12, Jimmy-Ray Ritchie; girls U13, Yvonne van Baarle; boys U13, Jacob Beal-Harris; girls U14, Nikita Ritchie; boys U14, Ben Rea; girls U15, Sarah McKee; boys U15, Fraser Munro, Liam Wright; girls U16, Grace Isteed; boys U16, Mason Calder; senior girls, Ashleigh White; senior boys, Gavin Stark. Cross-country senior girls champion, Ashleigh White; boys, Nathan Roberts. rugby, most improved: Elliot Hancox. Most promising, Gavin Stark; senior netball player of year: Ashleigh White. Rod and Gun Club dedication and performance: Tyson Adams. Most valuable junior soccer player, Ben Rea. Girls rugby: Sinead Cormack. Girls cricket: Ashleigh White. Swimming: junior boy Year 10, Luc Purser; junior girl year 10, Eveline Devereux. Senior boys champion year 11-13, Garth Devereux; senior girls champion, Sinead Cormack. Tennis: Best senior girl, Rachael Corlett; best senior boy, Lee Stiven. Best all round senior sportswoman, Ashleigh White; best all round senior sportsman, Gavin Stark.


Cultural awards

Senior speech, Whina Pomana. Debating, Emma Stuart. Contribution to music within the college, years 7-9, Ben Rea; contribution to music within the college, years 10-13, performing arts award, Hohepa Ellis.


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