Cup visitor injuries cost ACC $70k

Claims by overseas visitors injured during the Rugby World Cup have cost the Accident Compensation Corporation more than $70,000 to date.

Figures released to The New Zealand Herald show at least 472 claims by overseas visitors were accepted by ACC over the period from September 9 to October 25.

The true number of claims is likely to be higher as ACC can only identify them if visitors give an international address or list their occupation as "overseas visitor''.

Other claims may not have been lodged yet.

The cost of $72,079 will also rise over time as many claims have continuing costs, although ACC only covers the cost of medical treatment received in New Zealand.

Visitors are only able to claim weekly income-related compensation if they were earning taxable income in New Zealand at the time of their injury.

The most common injuries suffered were the 205 soft tissue injuries such as strains and sprains, 117 fractures and dislocations, and 114 claims for lacerations or punctures.

Any initial treatment for minor injuries at hospital emergency departments are not recorded by ACC and are jointly funded through an agreement between ACC and the Ministry of Health.

- Nicholas Jones of The New Zealand Herald



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