Rape is preventable theme of rape week

The message that rape is preventable and people can do something positive about it is the theme of Rape Awareness Week this year.

Rape Prevention Education (RPE), along with survivor advocates Louise Nicholas and Aaron Gilmore, is launching an inaugural fundraising campaign to combat sex violence and abuse.

The organisation estimated that a $3 donation would help educate one New Zealander about how to identify the warning signs of predatory and grooming behaviour and how to safely respond.

RPE director Kim McGregor said that in virtually every school the organisation worked, both low and high deciles, there were disclosures of child sexual abuse.

"Rape is preventable, yet it is estimated that one in four females and one in eight males are sexually abused in this country," Dr McGregor said.

"This is unacceptable. Sexual abuse is devastating for victim/survivors, with the possibility of lifetime effects."

Rape Awareness Week runs from May 4-8.

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