C. Otago water limits lifted

Alexandra, Clyde and Omakau residents will get a greater allocation of water this year than they first thought, after the Vincent Community Board took into account opposition to the planned reduced levels.

After hearing submissions to the Central Otago District Council's draft annual plan, including several complaints from Clyde residents about the water allocation, the board decided to increase the allocations, board chairwoman Clair Higginson said.

The new allocations for the coming year are 554 units for Alexandra (1512 litres per household per day), 674 for Clyde (1840 litres a day) and 502 for Omakau (1370 litres) before excess water fees would be charged. Earlier, the board had decided on 518 units for Alexandra, 556 for Clyde and 488 for Omakau.

"People saw the change in allocation from what had been allowed last year - 749 units for Clyde - as maybe too big of a jump compared to what was proposed for this year - 556 units, and the board agreed," Ms Higginson said.

"We see it as still reducing the amount of water used and encouraging the conservation of water, but not in such a dramatic way. This way people will be more inclined to buy into what we're doing, " she said.

A workshop held earlier this year for councillors and community board members to discuss options for metered charging for all drinking water schemes decided a district-wide allocation of 365 units a year (1000 litres a day) for each household was reasonable.

Roxburgh and Cromwell community boards stuck with that figure, while Maniototo and Vincent chose a higher allocation.



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