Spate of burglaries 'unusual', say police

A policeman on the roof of the Alexandra Community Centre and Memorial Theatre yesterday morning...
A policeman on the roof of the Alexandra Community Centre and Memorial Theatre yesterday morning after a burglary was reported. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON
Police say three reported burglaries in two weeks in Alexandra is "unusual'', especially two of the same style.

Burglaries took place at the Alexandra Community Centre and Memorial Theatre, Four Square, and Shoes Unlimited.

A police spokeswoman said the Memorial Theatre on Skird St was broken into between noon on June 3 and 9am on June 10.

Two televisions belonging to the Alexandra Musical Society were stolen, the society's technical equipment co-ordinator Glen van de Yssel said.

A third television was damaged but not removed.

Entry had been forced through the roof, he said.

Police said the burglary was reported on Monday.

Police arrested two men in relation to the Four Square supermarket burglary on Tarbert St early last Thursday.

Detective Sergeant Derek Shaw, of Alexandra, said the offenders took a box of beer and caused a "significant amount of disruption'' for the store owners.

Another burglary took place at Shoes Unlimited on Tarbert St between 5.30pm on May 28 and 9am the following day.

A police spokeswoman said it appeared there was damage but the offenders did not gain entry .

Det Sgt Shaw said while investigations into the Four Square burglary had closed, he suspected there was a "reasonable link'' between the burglaries at the theatre and shoe store, as entry was made from a height at both.

"It's slightly out of character to have two burglaries of that same point of entry through a height, we haven't had anything like that around here for some time.''

He said although Alexandra was a safe community, incidents of similar natures were often reported to the police and reminded people to be vigilant.

- Additional reporting Yvonne O'Hara.


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