Clock repair a matter of time

The Palmerston town centennial clock is expected to be repaired and functioning again by mid August.

The clock, in the town centre, has not run properly for more than four years, and one of the clock faces does not show the time. A recent petition to the Waitaki District Council, initiated by Palmerston booksellers Jim and Beth Moffat, and asking that the clock be repaired, gathered 154 signatures.

The clock was placed in the Palmerston town centre to mark the centennial of the Waihemo County Council in 1982.

Clock parts  have been ordered from a French supplier and the shipment is expected to clear customs mid-July, Waihemo Community Board chairwoman Kathy Dennison said in a board report. The  assembly  and fitting of the movements  is expected to take about two to four weeks from delivery.

The clock should be repaired and functioning again by mid August, she said.

The cost of the repairs  to reduce ongoing maintenance was recently estimated by Waitaki District Council staff to be approximately $15,000.

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