Launch for medical centre funds

Twizel residents are just two weeks away from knowing how much money they may need to raise to replace the township's outdated medical facilities.

The existing Twizel Medical Centre, which has 1600 enrolled patients, is based in a converted house and is not up to the demands of a modern-day medical practice. Although initial attempts to raise money for a new medical centre have been ongoing for two years, an end is now in sight.

Medical centre general manager Andrew Tucker said an official fundraising launch would be held by the High Country Medical Trust in Twizel on January 24.

''That will launch the fundraising and then explain the project and what the goals are, where we are in terms of what money has been raised or is promised or committed, and when the date for fundraising to hopefully be concluded is set for.''

Details of how much would be needed would be revealed at the launch.

''We are definitely making progress, and good progress,'' he said.

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