Loss of parking blow to retailers

One of Oamaru's distinctive features - its main-street median car parking - could be greatly reduced when major roadworks are carried out on State Highway 1, between Severn and Dee Sts, later this year.

The loss of the parking came as a shock to retailers, although the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) appeared to have modified the plan since last November.

Last night, about 80 people attended a meeting called by retailers to discuss the project, particularly the loss of the median car parks.

NZTA said there were safety concerns about median car parks, and removing them would allow right-turn bays.

All of the median car parking between Severn and Ribble Sts could be removed, although 10 parks would remain between Ribble and Dee Sts.

In an earlier plan, there were to be no median parks between Severn and Eden Sts, six between Eden and Ribble Sts and 12 between Ribble and Dee Sts.

Retailers strongly emphasised the need to retain the parking.

NZTA acting regional manager Bruce Richards said agency representatives were at the meeting to listen to retailers' concerns.

No decisions were made at the meeting.

After the meeting, agency representatives spoke with retailers about their individual concerns.


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