Englishman arrested and charged

A 26-year-old Englishman was arrested and charged with unlawfully being on a property after he allegedly went into the bedrooms of two women at a Queenstown address at 3.45am on Monday. Senior Constable Chris Blackford said the man was intending to visit a friend at the address and the women were concerned enough about his actions to call police. He will appear in Queenstown District Court.

• At 2pm on Sunday, a vehicle pulling out of the Rees hotel collided with another vehicle on Frankton Rd. There were no injuries. The drivers exchanged details and no action was required by police.

• At 10.30am on Monday, police attended a vehicle collision on Longwood Pl, where a vehicle's handbrake failed and it crashed into a parked car.

• A 38-year-old New Zealand man described by police as "disorientated and distracted" was arrested and taken to the Queenstown police station for detoxification at 12.10am on Tuesday. Police said the man had been refused entry to a casino, which resulted in him becoming "irrational" and trying to take his clothes off.

• Police received a complaint from a McDonnell Rd resident about the excessive speed of motorists in the 50kmh zone between 6.30am and 9am. Senior Constable Chris Blackford said police would pay particular attention to the area in coming weeks.

"Most motorists can expect very low tolerance levels, due to the ongoing complaints," Snr Const Blackford said.


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