Lydia on top of peak twice in 20 years

Lydia Bradey prepares for her ascent at Mt Everest Base Camp. Photo supplied.
Lydia Bradey prepares for her ascent at Mt Everest Base Camp. Photo supplied.
Climbing the world's highest peak has been part of the job for Wanaka-based alpine guide Lydia Bradey.

However, it's been a long time between Everest expedition drinks for Ms Bradey - 20 years to be precise.

Ms Bradey made her maiden summit of the 8850m peak in 1988, the first female New Zealand climber to do so, and she did it without the aid of oxygen tanks, although some disputed that claim.

Ms Bradey made her second summit climb on Saturday accompanied by fellow alpine guide and Wanaka Adventure Consultants company colleague Mike Roberts.

Mr Roberts recorded his third summit of Mt Everest on Saturday, following successful climbs in 2002 and 2007.

The pair, alongside Scottish alpine guide Victor Saunders, guided seven clients to the peak of Everest, as part of a Wanaka-based Guy Cotter-directed expedition.

Cotter travelled to Nepal last month to set-up the more than 25-strong expedition party of clients, guides, and sherpas.

Back in Wanaka, Cotter told the Otago Daily Times yesterday it was great to see Ms Brady "up there again". "I've got huge respect for not only Lydia, but all of our guides and sherpas.

They put in a huge effort - over and above pure climbing - to get clients up, down, and off the mountain safely,"Cotter said he had been in contact with the expedition base camp headquarters and messages of support and congratulations were relayed to the successfully-guided climbing party.

Ms Bradey had earned another Everest alpine distinction on Saturday by guiding the first mother and daughter team to climb the mountain, Mr Cotter said.

Sydney residents Cheryl Bart and daughter Nikki (23) reached the peak with Ms Brady on Saturday, after setting out almost two months ago.

Clients usually pay about $US60,000 to climb Everest. Adventure Consultants make an annual expedition there.

Cotter said he expected to welcome Ms Brady on her arrival back in Wanaka about June 5.

Ms Brady is scheduled to give a presentation about her alpine adventures at the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival, in Wanaka, in July.

It was incorrectly stated in a headline yesterday that Guy Cotter had climbed Mt Everest last week. Mr Cotter directed the expedition from base camp.

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