Mail delivery 'milestone'

The scheduled delivery of 2300 pieces of mail went ahead as planned on Sunday, marking the final bulk delivery of letters and packages which were allegedly misappropriated by a former postie.

New Zealand Post spokesman Michael Tull said the delivery was ''a bit of a milestone'' in the sense that the majority of unopened and opened mail had now been given to the rightful recipients.

On Sunday nine postal staff - four from Dunedin, one from Wanaka and four from Queenstown - delivered to about 900 houses in the Wakatipu.

While close to 800 of the households were in Fernhill, 36 were in Arrowtown and 38 in Lake Hayes.

Mr Tull said most of the mail was delivered to the intended recipients, despite the transient nature of Queenstown.

About 1600 of the pieces of mail had been opened or showed signs of being tampered with and these items were accompanied by a letter from the Queenstown police advising that people could make a complaint as part of ''Operation Jess''.

Philippa Lynette Lindsay (32), of Frankton, was arrested on November 9 and remanded in the Queenstown District Court on December 3 for a post-committal conference on February 14.

The postal worker is accused of stealing more than 18,000 pieces of mail which police seized and catalogued.

She faces one indictably laid charge of stealing mail and parcels between September 1, 2010, and November 9, 2012.

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