Queenstown cop avoids conviction over abuse

Jenny McNee
Jenny McNee
A Queenstown policewoman found guilty of racially insulting a taxi driver after an argument over a fare, was discharged without conviction when she appeared in the Queenstown District Court today.

Judge Tony Couch ruled that a conviction against Jeanette May McNee, 44, would outweight the gravity of the offence and adversely impact her
police career.

McNee was ordered to pay emotional reparation of $300 to the victim, a further $155 for loss of wages while victim gave evidence
in an earlier court hearing, and $388.13 to Queenstown Taxis for costs extracting video evidence.

Earlier this month McNee was found guilty of using offensive language against Malaysian-born taxi driver Ganesh Paramanathanwas.

She was on leave from the police force without pay at the time.

She was found guilty of telling Mr Paramanathanwas to "F.... to India. You come here and get all the Kiwi jobs; eat your f.... curry and f... off to India. This is a Kiwi job."