Report of thefts from car and garage

Monday, February 11
Police received a report of theft from a vehicle parked outside a Peninsula Rd address in Kelvin Heights. Senior Constable Chris Blackford said a back window was smashed to gain entry to the vehicle, although nothing was taken. A garage at the property was also entered and three mounted amplifiers in a box were taken along with a petrol can. Inquiries were continuing.

8am: A report of vandalism at the One Mile public toilets was received after ''pretty much every item in the toilet cubicle'' was targeted. Snr Const Blackford said the vandalism appeared to have occurred over the weekend and inquiries were continuing. ''I'd suspect there would be a number of people who would know who the offender is ... and when you consider those toilets cost about $85,000 each, maybe an anonymous phone call to the police station could be made.''

12.20pm: A German woman received an infringement notice after rear-ending a vehicle in Centennial Ave, near the Arrowtown Golf Course. Snr Const Blackford said a male driver was turning right into the golf course, had slowed and was indicating when the 19-year-old German woman hit the rear of the man's car. Both parties were driving rental vehicles.

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