Rugger in Riyadh

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied
Five men with Otago connections are bringing Kiwi rugby skills to Saudi Arabia.

Father and son Vai and Zaiya Mahutariki, of Dunedin, father and son Peter and William Heron, of Waipiata, and Sam Jardine-Comb, of Dunedin, are in the Saudi Arabian rugby squad.

Peter Heron said all lived in Riyadh and played a friendly test against Jordan last Friday in Amman.

They all worked or studied at the multinational school in Riyadh, he said.

"A sixth multinational school team member is Gerrie Heydenreich, a young South African who will be attending Waikato University next year. "

Pictured are (back, from left) William and Peter Heron, Sam Jardine and Gerrie Heydenreich, (front, from left) Zaiya and Vai Mahutariki. 

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