A teeny move up from 'Twilight'

It amuses one to think that in every small town across New Zealand, and perhaps across the world, there is bound to be a family that has no secrets.

Dame Kiri bringing Dame Nellie to Downton

Dame Kiri bringing Dame Nellie to Downton

Kiwi opera singer Dame Kiri Te Kanawa makes her eagerly-awaited appearance on the British TV series Downton Abbey next week.

Getting to the guts of the issue

Intestinal fortitude was needed to produce a new BBC series starting tonight. But you may find some of the facts hard to digest. Nigel Benson talks to presenter Michael Mosley.

Now it's all over, what?

I will not be telling any of my many elderly readers anything new when I note how todays melt into yesterdays and tomorrows as age cruels and clouds our already deeply compromised percipience.

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