Triton Hearing

There are plenty of misconceptions about hearing devices. They’re too big, they’re ugly, and they cost a fortune.

The teams at Triton Hearing Dunedin, South Dunedin, and Mosgiel are making hearing healthcare accessible for all, while demonstrating that hearing devices can be discrete and affordable.

Triton Hearing Dunedin opened their Marinoto Clinic in the early 2010s at suite 17/72 Newington Avenue. Triton Hearing South Dunedin opened in 2020 at 191 King Edward Street. And in 2022 we introduced Mosgiel at 104 Gordon Road.

All locations have a warm and welcoming environment, with excellent teams to personalise your journey.


Meet the team

Our Hearing Care Specialist (HCS) team of Marama, Michelle, and Sam, who will welcome you into the clinics.

Marama at the Marinoto Clinic joined us in September 2022. Throughout her career she has been passionate about making a difference. Michelle at South Dunedin has been in the audiology industry since 2011. Sam in Mosgiel joined the team in 2021, and has worked in the audiology industry for eight years.

Our experienced travelling audiological team is made up of Careen, Christina, Jennifer, Sheen, Simon, and Warren.

Careen worked as an Audiologist in the Philippines before joining Triton in October 2022. Christina joined Triton Hearing as a graduate in 2019, supporting clients while now also training our graduate audiologists.

Jennifer has worked as an Audiologist for over 20 years in both the United States and New Zealand. Sheen moved to New Zealand from the Philippines in 2022 to widen her clinical and professional experience.

Simon has worked at the Marinoto Clinic since it opened, prior to it becoming Triton Hearing. Warren joined in 2021, having been inspired to join the transformative audiology industry in the UK.

Together they are the Triton Hearing team for the Dunedin region, delivering better hearing solutions.