Forklifts NZ - Lifting up local businesses

Many Southern businesses are supported on the prongs of the humble forklift, and the team at Forklifts NZ LTD are committed to keeping these warehouse workhorses going strong. 

As a locally owned and operated enterprise, it is more than just a forklift dealership; it’s a comprehensive solution provider for businesses requiring forklift sales, both new and used, rentals, leasing, servicing, workshop repairs, and crucial safety checks.  

What sets it apart is not just its wide range of forklifts, accommodating needs from 1.5 tons up to a formidable 12.0 tons, or the versatility in fuel options including diesel, petrol/LPG, and electric.  

It’s the unwavering commitment to customer service and a robust team that prides itself on quick response times for breakdowns and day-to-day service work.  

This dedication ensures that whether a business is large-scale or a small local operation, it receives the attention and service it deserves.  

Their growing client base, ranging from small businesses to big factory operations, is a testament to their success in delivering quality service and products.  

It’s this local touch with a wide range of offerings that distinguishes Forklifts NZ Ltd in the competitive forklift industry, making them a trusted partner for businesses across Southland, Central Otago, and Dunedin.

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