Precision Profile - A cut above in Otago’s steel industry

For Dunedin steel plate cutting service Precision Profile Ltd, quality staff is the key to success in their business. 

Now led by the father-son duo of Don and Kris Armstrong, for over two decades this family-run enterprise has been at the forefront of delivering unparalleled service and precision to the lower South Island.  

Over the years it has expanded its services across Otago and Southland, bolstered by a small, hardworking team that has mastered servicing a large geographical area with efficiency and a friendly approach.  

The company prides itself on its production capabilities, from consultation and CAD design to precise steel plate cutting, showcasing a breadth of services that cover projects from inception to completion.  

A recent highlight involved a staff member transitioning from the workshop floor to the CAD office, embodying the company’s ethos of growth and opportunity. 

They find that hands on experience in the workshop transfers critical knowledge into the office. This assists the clients with their projects and aids in the best approach to new  


Another significant milestone was the installation of a new machine in 2021, a testament to their commitment to innovation, supported by the Provincial Growth Fund. This machine has created new opportunities for local engineers by assisting them with more complete steel components, taking advantage of pre-finished steel parts with drilled and tapped holes, as well as weld preparations and contoured bevels.  

Among the things that set them apart from their local competitors is their expansive stock of steel plate, capability to cut steel from 2mm to 200mm thick, and the additional services they offer through partnerships with local engineering businesses.  

From consultation to the final cut, Precision Profile offers a seamless experience. Their consultation service ensures clients are guided through their projects with expert advice and practical solutions.  

Converting your ideas and plans into high quality tailor made parts quickly and accurately, the CAD design team excels at transforming ideas into precise plans, ready for cutting with unmatched accuracy.  The company’s adherence to high-quality standards, with steel meeting AS/NZ 3678, underscores their commitment to delivering superior outcomes.  

With a legacy spanning over a quarter of a century, Precision Profile stands steadfast as a dependable link in the steel industry of Otago and Southland. 

12 Birch Street, Central Dunedin